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  1. There are so many articles in various journals (Headache: The Journal of Head and Face Pain, Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry, Cefalalgia, etc) that I'd like to read to better educate myself about clusters, as I'm sure many other clusterheads would also appreciate. Does anyone know if there is a way for patients to get access to these journals (or even specific articles or interest in the journals)? If not, does anyone know if there's ever been an initiative to get patients access to the medical journals that may be of interest to them? Subscriptions to these magazine are insanely expensive, so that's not really an option. Matt
  2. After too many poor experiences with neuros, I have to 2nd Merle's post on the fact that I also have had great luck at Robbins Headache Clinic in Northfield, IL (north of Chicago). I've been dealing with Brooke, his PA, also, and she's been awesome to deal with. Previous neuros didn't seem to comprehend the seriousness and time-critical aspect of needing to get clusters under control.
  3. My 24 hours without a cluster on Nurtec was a one-time thing and hasn't been repeatable. It does help me with persistent shadows or migrainesce headaches between attacks, though.
  4. My doc had me try Nurtec for some of the residual bad shadows I get during bad cycles, and it actually gets me almost 24 hours without a cluster in a cycle where I was getting 5+ attacks a night. I does not last me the promised 48 hours, but right now I'm pretty happy with 24 hours with a cluster. Niki - thrilled Emgality helped you! Emgality actually seemed to make my already bad cycle worse - more frequent and (shockingly) more intense. Granted, correlation doesn't mean causation, but not willing to try it again given how long it stays in your system.
  5. I'm a long-time chronic and will be attending my first cluster conference and I'm really looking forward to it! I just wanted to let everyone know Gov't Mule will be performing that Friday at Red Rocks Amphitheater (which is about 30 minutes from Denver) the Friday of the conference. They'll be performing 3 sets - one of Gov't Mule material, one of Warren Haynes solo, and another of just Pink Floyd tunes. If you like jam bands or southern rock (or Pink Floyd for that matter), I'd highly recommend it. I've traveled to Jamaica twice to see them and once to their annual gig at the Beacon Theater in NYC on New Years (yes, I'm a borderline groupie LOL), and they are a treat to see live. My fiancee and I are going, and I just wanted to throw it out to the group to see if anyone else is interested. We'll probably be taking a shuttle, but those details are yet to be confirmed. Either way, I'm looking forward to finally making it to a conference and getting to meet everyone. Matt
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