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  1. Ran a mile and a half at the gym yesterday after work. Felt great but still got hit at 1 am with a kip 3 lasted about 20 minutes was back in bed by 145 and slept all night with my cpap machine on ......just wished the beast would go away and leave me alone. ...when I was a kid 16 I was chronic those were rough. ...lasted about 4 years then when I was like 29 they dissappeared for about 10 years ....think the stress of divorce brought them back on cause I have been seasonal since 2010. Mm work for me but we have not seen any growth yet around here. ...just trying to buy time till it gets humid......ugh!
  2. Has anyone else tried exercise? Seems to me so far on the days I go to the gym and exercise for 45 minutes to an hour I don't get headaches those days. I'm wondering if it has to do with the saratonum released in your brain when you exercise? I will let you know what I experience further in the future as I am going to try to start going daily to the gym. ...let me know what you think
  3. I too suffer with acid reflux. Never thought they had an thing to do with each other. ...I figured I got the acid reflux from taking pain pills when I was younger fighting ch....hmmm
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