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    *BUSTING INSTRUCTIONS* and info for Newcomers

    Great Video! Thanks for sharing. With love Agatha
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    Introducing: A dutch clusterhead

    Hi ya all! Found this board/ forum while surfing over the Internet, in search of some more information about LSD, and how it could help cluster headache patients. So when I hit this board, I almost directly register for it. Let me introduce myself: Agatha, Woman, 33 years, mother of a sweet child, and writer ( well attending to) been a chronic cluster headache patient, for 6 years now. Lost my regular job ( Welfare/ care worker) lost relatives ( they don't understand the pain, and thought I was just F*** around) lost Friends and lost a bit off my life.... It drives me insane sometimes, when the oxi won;t help, and have to inject me with Imigram ( I believe you call it Imitrex?) some cases will need 2 injections, to have some relieve. Been trying all regulate treatment out there.. so far nothing helped, so I'm really digging out the web, for other treatments, and in search for fellow patients, to read in on each other, and give strength.... We have to be strong And off course there's hope, considering the LSD! So due the fact I'm a Dutch woman, my grammar could sometimes, be a bit messy... : Although I hope you understand me, and if I'm wrong do correct me! ;D Well, thumb's up ,for this way to connect, and bless you all! With kind regards, Agatha