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    Re: MJ, Drug checkpoint led 2 Alabama Arrest HELP!!!!!

    I'm sure by now your lawyer has had the evidence tested and found it to not be the felonious substance. If not, get a new lawyer. Either way, worst case scenario, you could plead down to a misdemeanor and then after a year the misdeamonor dropped. Just make sure you get a good lawyer. Also, almost as important: Where was the Drug Checkpoint and what made you think you had to stop? Did you see a sign on a Interstate that said Drug Checkpoint ahead and then you exited and got caught in the trap waiting at the exit? This is a long used tactic by the coppers to trick people who may be holding to exit to ditch the drugs, but that's where the cops are. As far as I know they cannot, and do not put those checkpoints on the interstate and they are definately illegal, just no one has taken them to the supreme court, yet, for the unlawful checkpoints. You have a constitutional right to travel. Sorry you got popped.