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  1. Thank you guys. You all have been such a huge help with my confidence in this. :)
  2. Hmm. okay. I figured I could ask because I felt something in my eye that kinda freaked me out a few days ago. It wasn't a twitch and it wasn't painful either. My friend even told me that their eye kinda does the same thing and it's not necessarily a twitch, so I guess this is pretty relieving. Thank you so much.
  3. But is there anyway someone can answer my twinge question from above? Please, and much appreciated. You guys are great.
  4. I'd like thank you guys so much. It pretty much sounds like I have a pretty good chance of NOT getting them, I guess it also helps that it'll be even more rare since I am female and that these "headaches" weren't passed down to my mother, since she is the only one out of our whole family who has these awful things. It also helps to know that reading about CHer's who have kids, almost all that I have read they have not been passed down to their children, and the only ones I have read that were passed down were father's passing down to a son and a father passing it down to a daughter, but that was pretty much it. I haven't heard of anything else about passing it down to their children, it's almost like it was maybe a coincidence. And yes, I remember my mother getting on this site CONSTANTLY. She was always trying to help other's out and even tried to find help from other people as well. The last time she has been on was somewhere around october, and I told her that she should get on here very soon.
  5. This is actually pretty relieving. I'm not even sure if this matters, but I take after my dad's side of the family; It's almost like 90% of my DNA is my fahter's and 10% is my mother's, but I'm not really sure if that means anything. I have such terrible OCD that it makes me think that I'm going to have them and start to feel things that are not really there, 'cause if I don't think about it, nothing is there. My mother is actually a member of this site. I think she goes by raquelinkansas, and goes by Rock. Not sure if you know her though. But she is the ONLY one out of our whole family who has them, so I figured I'd ask what my chances were. Also, are twinges just messages from the brain to the eye? Or is it a warning sign? I'm just curious.
  6. I came to this website to support my mother, but I also have a serious question. My mother has had CH when she was about 19 or 20 and I'll be 19 soon. I'm just wondering what my chances of getting CH are, since some people pass it down to their kids but most don't. I mostly take after my dad's side, pretty much everything my body is is from my father's , but I'm not sure if that means anything. Please help.
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