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  1. Being naive.. Can you buy the regulator with the tanks? Any idea on what a tank would cost up here in Canada; filled, with the regulators ? Where can I buy the proper mask ? How much is a mask , each ? How long does a tank usually last during a cluster headache cycle ?
  2. Thank you all, for the very informative posts !! When my GP prescribed the O2, they only gave me the smaller tanks. With the pressure that was prescribed to me ( don't remember it ) , I would go through 2 of the smaller tanks in 2 days. I still found that it didn't work.. Where can you pick up bigger O2 tanks ?? As for the Imitrex pills, it has worked awesome for me as an abortive. I have tried Zomig on 3 different cycles, and finished the prescription each time, with no success. I still took an Imitrex pill to abort . I have also tried Migranal, and Cafergot. I will try the larger doses of Verapramil , and try the O2 once more, with the non-rebreather mask and 15lpm.. Thank you so much, again !!
  3. Hi all.. I am a 61 year old male from Airdrie, Alberta, Canada. I have been suffering from cluster headaches since I was a teenager. The longest cycle of attacks was 150 attacks in 33 days. Then I went into remission for 2 years. I have had them almost every 2 years, lasting up to 1 month, with 2 to 3 atracks a day. I tried O2 but it did not work at all. I have tried it @ 5 different times over the years. The only remedy that I have found to stop an attack, is Imitrex pills, 100mg. Imagine, I take 2 to 3 pills a day, for up to 1 month. What is this doing to my liver, or kidneys ?? My GP prescribes Verapramil -240 mg, ,Amitriptiline 20 mg, and 10 days worth of Prednisone -50 mg once a day to stop the cycle of Attacks. Sometimes I have to take 2 Imitrex pills to stop an attack. This has worked 80% of the time. There were some cycles that I had to double up on the prednisone. I went to a headache specialist st our hospital, and she recommended this site. She also "recommended" that I take non hallucinating LSD, , or non hallucinogenic magic mushrooms .. My problem is ,WHERE CAN I FIND these non hallucinogenic drugs around Calgary ? How much are they ? I am now on day 17, and headache #32.. Your help is greatly appreciated..
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