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  1. Been in your shoes. When the fear of death switches to fear of Living your hosed!
  2. http://www.altering-perspectives.com/2013/08/new-study-magic-mushrooms-repair-brain.html
  3. Well another night of NO CH or morning Migraine!! After looking at all the side effects of Relpax Alleyoop posted (thank you) I got tinnitus a few years ago, drives me nuts. Relpax can cause it and no doctor ever told me during any tests that Relpax can cause it. They just said you have Tinnitus. Maybe it will go away now.
  4. Good gosh I am so happy im off those things! I did not understand most of it- but what I did understand scared me. I am fine and doing better than I have in months. I am at peace with myself and all my horrible thoughts are behind me. It was a tuff break up me and the PAX. But its over Thank God. Hopefully anyway, who knows what damage I have done to myself from them. BUT I am not going to worry, whats done is done and I continue to flush my system and regenerate it with juicing- kale, ginger, lots of dark greens fruits,etc. OK basically POND SCUM, LOL it is pure goodness tho. The MM deal gave me a complete different outlook and I feel cleansed of unhealthy feelings. Thank heaven for everyone here that cared. It may not all be over -but Im on the correct track, I know this.
  5. today with a clear'er head I will re read everything in depth. yesterday was tuff. I did not get much sleep but I woke with just a tiny tiny twinge in my right eye. A blessing if you ask me, and I'll take a twinge anytime!! The relpax issues maybe behind me now. I have a feeling they may have been causing so many issues in the background as well. A new day, a new way, Its going to take some time to reboot and make changes. This was huge step in the right direction. I have so much to do today but will be checking in and out. So many of you have so much of the same things going on. Its very heart warming having all of you in my corner.
  6. Well its 2:30am NORCAL TIME. I guess my day is not over yet. I cant sleep, I'm wired to the hilt after fighting the good fight against the RELPAX Monster. I did the SPUT and it had little to no affect on my person that I could feel. My head finally calmed down enough to start relaxing and turn on the tube. I have been to bed 4 times and I just cant get it done!! So a hot shower, some typing and maybe I can burn myself out.....
  7. I don't know how to thank you and everyone enough. I will call my Nero tomorrow or at a minimum his advise nurse. It kinda sounds like tomorrow morning I maybe in for the same thing by what I read from your Copy paste, but im tired so it all maybe lost in translation for me right now... I dunno and Pray Not. I still put the ch attacks I have had in the past 4 weeks the Hail Marry of all 20yrs total and many cycles where not pretty. These have been viscous and very alarming to my well being. Maybe my age increase and my and endurance loss makes these seem worse... I duuno can you die twice? That's a joke, but in my eyes a little of me dies with every hit anymore... This type of pain should be reserved for your last day here.. I am so tired and beat up, I still have a foggy bit of a headache, but I think I can get some sleep. I will keep everyone posted in hopes all this helps others- that may find themselves in my shoes someday with Relpax.. Again THANK YOU ALL
  8. It has been 24hrs. And I did taper "kinda" for many years unless it was working for my CH I only ate 1/2 a pill @ bedtime which is 20mg. If I ever only took 10mgs I would wake with a wopper and have to eat a whole one. You know once the headache took a hold it required an entire 40mg. The only reason I even ate one EVERY NIGHT before bed- was like I say I would wake with a wopper. I will say I did it to prevent the rebound. I am happy Im off them now, well hopefully anyway. My wife's Fruit loop box with the bird on it looks very silly to me right now.. SPUT!
  9. trying to drink water yes, just got hungry and ate. YES THANK GOD or someone cuz I am feeling better.
  10. my ship just came in, SPUT time in 10-9-8-7-6.... 8-)
  11. sorry I did not see this until now, there is someone else on our property- but yes my wife had to work she will be home soon. You guys are so awesome, this is not a typical forum..
  12. I may be getting a little better. that maybe good news if it starts going the opposite way a little- then at least its going someplace. U know one minute with a CH your dyeing then like a light its gone. This the first time I have not taken a relpax in 10yrs tho, so I have no data on the effects. I think I do now... And this is not my typical cluster- this is less pain but oh so much longer duration..
  13. yes the form popped up, but after hitting send I got that page. maybe it went? PC's you know!
  14. still waiting for the SPUT trial. Guess someone got lost.. im not much better but im not any worse. head temp still 400 degrees... J/k but it is HOT feeling.
  15. I sent a message to Teri and got this: OOPS! Page Not Found The page you tried to access does not exist on this server. This page may not exist due to the following reasons: 1.You are the owner of this web site and you have not uploaded (or incorrectly uploaded) your web site. For information on uploading your web site using FTP client software or web design software, click here for FTP Upload Information. 2.The URL that you have entered in your browser is incorrect. Please re-enter the URL and try again. 3.The Link that you clicked on incorrectly points to this page. Please contact the owner of this web site to inform them of this situation
  16. thank you so much for caring. 02 did not help I have lots. MM on way 20 mins and I pray it works.. SPUT is 1/4 inch small part of it raw under my tongue? I am a SUPER drug lightweight so I will start tiny.. I just want sleep and cant
  17. LOL and Im constipated from the verapamil tortured soul today.. its not funy but it is all mine.. ive eatin so many prunes and apple juice its a joke... I can typically stay ahead of it, although once in a awhile I get the butt brick.. the body is a wonderful thing when its sick... my MM is a half hour car ride, I working on a delivery cuz im not driving anywhere- and my wife is at work..
  18. I did not go back and re read cuz in on fire but something about potential seritoin sumthin?? I will try it tho im semi desperate here... but I wont reach for the relpax ive gone too far.
  19. so far I have done everything except SPUT cuz I have no idea what it is. And of course no MM yet until I detox, Purple said I could have a reaction, well if anyone would it would be me so I will wait.. I will search in a bit. the massage at 10am was wonderful as it went on but once I got back in the car the party started again. This is no double violent cluster so I will make it- but it is for sure no fun with a red hot head and nausea since 5am. hard to think the relpax has caused this. I love western meds- they threw that little chemical in there to get you hooked... This sucks but ill just keep pacing and moaning till its gone... Thank you folks for holding my hand!!! Seriously..
  20. How long will my head be 400 degrees Fahrenheit before the rebound HA goes away. 10yrs I have hated taking them and today is my day!
  21. Well today as you all have said GET OFF RELPAX! I did NOT take my normal 20mg dose!! But Im up now at 5am with a nasty Migraine. I will beat this today then be free of Relpax forever. I hate the stuff, my knees ache from it and I pee every 2 hrs at night from it. Its going to be a LOOONG day. Most likely will not be on anymore today. Thank you all for helping rid my body of this crap.. 5 days then off to MM land!
  22. I just woke from a well needed all day nap! No CH last night thank god. hey has anyone heard the term for some kind of MM called Texas Somin? that's what I have found around here. I have 3 PM's I need to get to in a few mins- thanks again everyone helping me out so fast!
  23. HUGE, the Relpax cost$$ us plenty if nothing else. I just need to try harder and suffer for however long it takes to get off them. Hate to act like a baby but when your suffering and something is on my shelf -Im grabbing it. Whats the natural med? I am game to try anything at this point.
  24. Thank you for sharing all that! Correct the Relpax has had zero effect on this "new" type of CH that switched a few months back from my left to right. I guess what Im saying is for 10+ yrs every time I try to get off the Relpax (like during times of remission) I will wake with a migraine that will not go away until I take a half of a Relpax (20mg) of a 40mg tab. I have gone until say 8pm the following day and still have that migraine.. By then I always break down and take the stupid pill. So what I do is before bed I take 20mg and will NOT wake with a migraine the next morning. I will assume this is a "Rebound" headache? This is really a separate issue from my Nightly CH. As mentioned I have tried for yrs to get off the Relpax, but it always wins. I honestly do not know how long I will suffer if I do not take the half before bed. Now on another note the old CH was always aborted with a half and sometimes a whole 40mg tab. But I still always took half at bedtime. Then when I woke late that night say 1:45am with a CH I would eat another half and its gone. I hope this makes sense. Thanks so Much.
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