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  1. MoxieGirl - thanks for the support. I hadn't gotten to the suicidal limit yet. I hope I never do. Busting is definitely a treatment of last resort for me. I have never been a rule breaker or a law bender of any kind. I have to admit, when I first found CB, I thought it was simply a board for people to use psychedelics and have an excuse. That did not last long as I read through lots of post and saw so many people talking about non-recreational doses. Saw so many people talking about how Busting enabled them to got off other drugs and lead a normal, more pain free existence. I am still nervous about Busting. I am not worried about getting "caught" in a legal sense, but about treating my migraines without doctor supervision. I know I am getting close to trying. I am going to keep reading and researching. Then, maybe, I will have the courage to try. Then I will probably kick myself in the ass repeatedly for having waited so long....
  2. CHFather and MoxieGirl - thanks for the info. Will be ordering seeds today. I really hope this is the beginning of something good. I could definitely use some of this. Right now, my outlook is pretty bleak. It is really challenging to remain positive when treatment after treatment fails.
  3. MoxieGirl - I looked at a lot of info on shrooms. Seeds sound like a quicker start, but it sounds like shrooms are more effective for chronic conditions. I found the link in the newbie FAQ for spore suppliers. Not sure where to find the FAQ for seed suppliers. I am probably just being a blind newbie... I would like to give this a shot before school starts back up in a month. Not sure I can Bust and do school full time and work full time...
  4. No kidding. Yesterday I got 38 shots in the head and neck. Botox has really helped, but I am definitely at a plateau in my treatment. I have talked it over with my husband and have spent the last 2 days doing almost nothing but researching Busting. I think I am ready to give it a shot. I can take a couple of days off from work so at the very least I am supporting the spirit of the drug policy. I would never want to try to do my job under the influence. Off to look at some posts that will walk me through how to get the appropriate ingredients and how to prepare them safely.
  5. I have had doctors tell me migraines are all in my head (well duh!) and that I must want them to happen because they are not real. Seriously, a doctor said that. I have also had doctors tell me to take Excedrin for migraines even though I am allergic to the Tylenol in Excedrin. Apparently being unable to breathe and breaking out in hives is "all in my head" as well. Ignore the idiots and remember, 50% of doctors graduate at the bottom of their class. Also remember that a D- is a passing grade. There are doctors out there who were only able to grasp 60% of the material they were supposed to learn. Chilling to say the least. When a doctor is that ignorant, don't just walk, run somewhere else.
  6. Raoul Sorry about your migraines. Have you tried O2? I know it is not as effective for Migraines as it is for CH, but it can reduce the pain and duration, especially if you are able to use O2 right at the beginning. I have found that if it is effective, it will work within 10 minutes. If it hasn't worked by then, it usually just wont that time.
  7. Wow. Thanks for all the support and information. I just got back from an appointment with my neurologist/headache specialist for another treatment of Botox with a nerve-blocker added in. I started crying during the treatment, not so much from the pain as from the utter hopelessness I am feeling right now.   - Blueballs, I am certainly not offended . However, my work frowns on marijuana usage even if it is medically prescribed. I do know it is effective, but I cannot use it on an even occasional basis. I hope that the medical marijuana laws change enough that I would be protected at my job. But until then, I cannot risk that. MoxieGirl ... wow, you have given me a lot of hope. I am very interested in trying something that might have a real, long lasting effect. Oh, and sorry if my quoting came out wrong. I am a newbie learning the system.... I spoke to my neurologist about licorice root, since i saw that posted here. He encouraged me to try, said there were no bad side effect i had to worry about. I think I will try that first while I research Busting more. A question about Busting, if anyone knows. I understand that these ingredients are not exactly legal. Do they show up on a standard drug screen? From what I have read so far, and correct me if I am wrong, but it looks like the common wisdom is to take a lower, therapeutic dose and avoid higher doses that could lead to psychedelic side effects. It also seems like Busting is not a thing that needs to be done continually. If need be, I can take some days off so that any drugs flush from my system before I go back to work. Does anyone have experience with this? Thanks again for all the information, and for the quick responses to my questions. It is amazing to be part of a community that is so knowledgeable and supportive. You guys rockÂ
  8. I have seen some postings on migraines and I am hoping for some help and some hope about my condition. 2-1/2 years ago I was in a car accident and started getting severe, chronic migraines (I had no history of headache before). My migraines would last up to 14 or 15 days and were almost constant. My migraines often include periods where I lose vision in one eye (usually left) and often my eyesight will degrade from 20/15 to extremely blurry in both eyes. This usually only lasts for a period of time during the migraine, not the whole migraine. I suffer a lot of nausea from the pain and the medications. Doctors performed x-rays, MRI, CTscan and could find no physical abnormality. I have been on a laundry list of medications. Various triptans (maxalt, imitrex etc) dihydroergotamine, beta-blockers, oxycodone for pain and a variety of anti-nausea medication. My neurologist started treating me with Botox in December 2010. To begin with it was a life changer. I still had migraines, but they were reduced in severity and length. Recently however, the migraines have begun to get longer and more frequent. Aside from the pharma, I have used chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, ice, and O2. I have an allergy to acetaminophen (no Tylenol for me). I recently had my sleep doctor prescribe a very low dose of Adderall (10mg) to help combat the overwhelming fatigue I feel. I don't take the whole does at once, but rather break the pill into 4 and take 2-1/2 mg 3 times a day (occasionally 4). This has helped one time to abort a migraine - and that was very unexpected and pleasing. What I loved about the Botox was the cessation of pain (of course) and the ability to stop all pain meds. I would love to experience life like it used to be. One where I could plan things and not have to cancel because of a migraine. One where I never had to call in sick because of a migraine (I used to have perfect attendance at my workplace). One where I can handle socializing with people because I don't have to spend so much energy just functioning through the pain.  The Busting technique seems amazing for it's ability to treat CH. Is there any hope that it can do the same for migraines?
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