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  1. DSoranno83

    Who is selling RC seeds?

    Oh I just re-read your post, yeah they are not from the U.S. but they will ship here, which was a tough find for these alternative psychoactive medicine sites.
  2. DSoranno83

    Who is selling RC seeds?

    Yes, i just placed an order and it arrived successfully. http://www.shamanic-extracts.com/xcart/shamanic-ethnobotanicals/psychedelic-seeds/ The website is http://www.Shamanic-Extracts.com They also sell morning glory seeds and magic truffles. Cheap shipping, you can buy right from the site, and they take debit cards, they ship from the Netherlands.
  3. I have read online from various sources that taking LSD with Prozac (Fluoxetine) can either reduce the effect, or cause a seizure, or other adverse side effects. I noticed that mushrooms were significantly less effective and potent on Prozac so I discontinued the use temporarily, for a few weeks to dose for Cluster Headaches. The problem with this is that the Prozac was given to me for the pain, and it is the only thing that is helping, and I would rather not stop taking it again. My question is does LSA react different with Prozac than LSD? I'm having a hard time finding info on this on the internet. I just bought some Morning Glory and RC seeds online, and I want to try them out without waste or danger. Has anyone out there tried either of these seeds as a Cluster Headache treatment while being prescribed Fluoxetine????? Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Danielle
  4. DSoranno83

    Altitude Effects

    Hello, I love to snowboard with my boyfriend, however I have Cluster Headaches. We typically go to Lutsen Mountains on the Minnesota Canadian border, not very much of an elevation change, at all, but still fun. We wanted to try Steamboat Springs Colorado instead this year for the incredible views, breathtaking beauty, and amazing slopes. The elevation there though is 7-10,000 feet. They warn against potential altitude sickness, so obviously the change will be noticeable. The question is, have any of you experienced CH sufferers had any issues or experience with altitude triggering, or aggravating CH. I know it says altitude can effect CH on the websites about CH, but I need to talk to people with real experience. I don't want to spend a $1000 (a lot of money for me) and plan an amazing week and a half get away only to have to fly back two days later due to thin oxygen making my vacation unbearable. I will be off cycle when I go, however, I get CHs year round, just not as frequent, or as strong (mostly). I have had no problems flying, however the cabins are pressurized, and atmosphere controlled. I am able to ride roller coasters, so the motion of snow boarding won't effect me, though standing up to quickly hurts like hell, go figure. Anyways, anyone with experience with this, if you could let me know, relay any warnings, I'm looking to book this ASAP, but not without some good advice and research first. Thank you, Danielle
  5. DSoranno83

    R C Seeds

    The Rivea Corymbosa seeds are cheaper on www.Shamanic-Extracts.com http://www.shamanic-extracts.com/xcart/shamanic-ethnobotanicals/psychedelic-seeds/index2.html They are 200 seeds for 16 US dollars, as opposed to 200 seeds for 32 pounds (roughly 55 US dollars). Cheaper than the CH discount. They also sell LSA morning glory seeds, and magic truffles.
  6. DSoranno83

    Is anyone NOT triggered by alcohol?

    Oh my is it a trigger for me, i had to say goodbye to wine and dark beer for good, i can do one light (lager) beer, but i pay for it dearly, depending on how my day went, sometimes it's worth it.