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  1. I know for certain my CH was worse in San Fran and NYC. But I moved to Dallas for a few years and the duration of my cycle was shorter and the severity (number of 10s was less) I have been in FLA for 20 years and both the frequency and severity is the best I have experienced in the US...its also the most south I have lived....just my experience.
  2. CH Hi! I do remember you from back in the day lol. I was Hedferst then. I actually did a maintenance dose every year for years...funny after 4 years PF I assumed they were gone...remember reading early on that eventually they peter out...at least back in the 90's that was the idea. So I assumed at 50 I was done with them (started at 19). I do know for sure the further south in the US I lived the (hate to even use this word with clusters) milder they were. Of course, after getting careless with preventative dosing...the bastard came back. Its been few weeks now and I am smacking it back..I can feel it loosing its fight...but it came back. One thing for certain...prior to MM, cluster was who I was...AFTER MM? Cluster is something i have...it no longer owns me. And while having them now is no laughing matter, knowing I have beat this so many many times over the past 20 years, I look at as a painful inconvenience....that will pass in a couple of weeks..unlike the 3 month cycles I endured for the first 20 years...In fact, it smacked back hard after the first dose, but has progressively decreased in severity and frequency over the past 2 weeks and if I don't so anything stupid like drink wine or a scotch (my tequila idea of being clear didn't work lol) I am getting by with a trusty ice pack to the neck and temple...energy shots and Bendryl...not bad...not too bad at all. Nice to see you are still here. Sad to see Andrew and Mark gone. I'll never be able to repay the debt.
  3. When I was doing that course of action (Neuro Doc) I was on prednisone 70mg. for a month or so. Maybe his doc can up his dose? Not sure why they tapered him over a week or so...in bad cycles I was taking the steroids daily for 2 months? That was at least 15 years ago and as of yet no problems..although I am aware that it can cause problems with the hip bones. As I recall I was also on Verapamil and Naproxen simultaneously. Hope this helps, but it sounds odd they would taper him off prednisone after 10 days.
  4. Hi All. I was one of Dr. Sewell's original 53 who supplied our experiences with busting way back when. I just wanted to share with some of the new folks that may have some apprehension this treatment CHANGED MY LIFE. With the guidance from Bob, Flash, and PinkSharkMark (RIP) and Dr Sewell (RIP), terrified to try the treatment, I ventured into process that has changed so much in my life (I actually found some personality benefits to the treatment also). Sadly after I got complete control over the beast I drifted away from the site, only popping in here and there to see what was new. I am an episodic typically 3 month attacks, 6 off...until Bob. Since the early 2000's I have frequently gone years PF. Until a few weeks ago I had 4 years PF...no exaggeration! Anyway, if I can help anyone with advice (not sure how, this site is so resource rich) or support, please let me know. I owe a great deal to Bob and the group, and realized recently that I still am a clusterhead...despite my thinking to the contrary....if you are one the fence about busting, like I was....take the leap! Eternal gratitude to Bob, Flash, PSM and Dr. Sewell...AMAZING PEOPLE!
  5. It's been a looong time since I've been on the this board. I joined ch.com in 2001 and shortly afterward joined Dr Sewell and many others in the Harvard study. Happy to say I have been more or less PF about 10 years thanks to annual preventative measures (until last month). I got caught after 3 years of doing nothing. My life changed thanks to the good doctor, BobW, Flash and PinkShark Mark. I used "hedferst" as my moniker back then and reading the past month I recognize a few folks here, but happy to see so many more folks changing their lives for the better due to those early pioneers. I read yesterday Dr Sewell passed away in November, and I just wanted to come on and thank those above who literally changed my life. It occurred to me (especially in light of the Dr.'s passing) that I owe a huge debt of gratitude to so many folks for over 10 years of PF living, and didn't want to miss the opportunity to express my appreciation. I have been able to help several cluster heads over that time, and hope to continue to pay forward what has been afforded to me. Funny how much has changed since the early ch days when our alternative "meds" were frowned upon. I can even recall Flash's first posts of his observations related to his rec use and the initial skepticism it was met with. Thanks Mark, flash, Bob and Ricardo. I will be eternally grateful.
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