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  1. My man Kurt, my beloved, is amazing isn't he? He is the first to support me in all the 30 something years I've experienced the clusters. He is my amazing man who took time out of his hectic work schedule to support me, gain knowledge and understanding of the headaches, options available, and acquired quite a few friends during the conference. He is the man, my man who went out of his way for me and at the end of the conference made new friends and encouraged newbies, especially Michelle, to try alternative options. It breaks my heart that my family has never accepted the pain I have endured for so long, but now, I have kurt my amazing man standing by my side for the last five years, encouraging, supporting and researching the headaches on my behalf, selflessly because I am so beaten down from the headaches that I consider him my voice as I feel so defeated...exhausted by the pain that I just can't discuss openly as I am so used to others not understanding the pain endured. Windowpane, I love you, I adore you and thank you with all my heart and soul for your support and love you give to me and this cause. Clusterbusters I can't thank you enough for all you offer by way of support, research and sharing of personal experiences via forums. This group, along with Kurt has saved my life, given me hope and the desire to make changes and a difference...possibly running to the hill next year, seeking out politicians in my state...as long as they are not under investigation via grand jury...ha, Illinois...nonetheless, I will make a concerted effort to make a difference to save a life and sanity of those suffering from clusters. My sincere thank you to this group for all you do!!! Windowpane...you are my knight, savior and biggest supporter whom I cherish and love deeply as you are my amazing man.
  2. Thank you Bob. I live in the area and look forward to hearing the speakers and meeting ch suffers as I feel very alone in dealing with the clusters. Family and friends are supportive but have no idea of the pain ch suffers endure.
  3. I would like to attend the conference, but would like to know if there is a scheduled time and date for each of the speakers. Also, I would like to share with members my experience of cluster free for almost a year, a few here and there, until recently when for the first time I decided to try tea method rather than chew dosing method. What could have gone wrong? It certainly tasted better, but now I'm worried I'm started a cycle.
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