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  1. Brats and Beretta are the SHIZZZZ Douche-Off (You're welcome, lol) BIBLE IN A MINUTE! Watch them ALL if you have time!
  2. Thank you everyone who has responded to me. I have all my questions answered at this point. Husband had a pain free night last night which could be attributed to the D3 regamin we started him on 2 days ago. Thanks again!!
  3. I posted this over on ch.com but just in case any of you don't read over there, I thought this was worth sharing. When my husband was in a band, he heard through the grapevine that Pierre, the lead singer of Simple Plan had clusters and that he wrote this song about it... I can't find the info online although he might not talk about it much. I do see heavy references to CH with the alcohol followed by o2 and also depictions of her family being "hit" as well as her. What do you think?
  4. Sorry if that wasn't clear, I was rushed. I was just wondering if someone were available to chat with me about some questions I can't seem to find by searching the board. My husband is having a really tough time right now and I find myself on the other board waiting anxiously for forum replies.
  5. I'll be investing in my own growing kit but that doesn't help me RIGHT NOW. Needing some help, but I'd rather speak with someone over pm or text or FB chat or something. I will be back on the board in an hour after my next client and would be thrilled if someone were available to talk. Thanks
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