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  1. Zenchow, welcome to this great board. Some real great people here. Not to sound to "corny", but I can actually feel and see people truely caring on this site. AWSOME ! Anyway, I am right there with you. Currently in a MEAN cycle. Evening hits. Averaging three(3). Last night was bad ! I was soaking wet with sweat after the hit left. I know exactlly what your going through and it's probaly safe to say, so does all the people who have respond. Try the D3 regime. I think it's kinda working for me. I go three to four days with multiple hits, THEN 2-3 days of PF. I think its from D3 and O2. Go get some Oxygen from a welding supply shop. CHEAP ! Breathe that stuff like les genser suggested. Concentrate on breathing. Really try to focus on your breathing. I did that last night and it helped. (Thanks les ganser !) Like you, I was slamming energy drinks big time. RockStars. High caffiene. Like 6-9 a day. I was told the caffiene was causing rebounds. Can be just as bad. I cut back. Seems to be a little better. One thing about me is that heat & humidity is a FOR SURE trigger. I have to stay very cool. I can feel the SOB coming on if I go out here in this high heat/humidity. It sucks, I know. I've been to that emontional point you mentioned. Dents in drywall from hitting it. Crying. I purposely wear a crew cut so I don't pull my hair anymore. Hang in there ! It will get better. It will ! This network of people here REALLY CARE ! Try the asprin. It works. The Oxygen. It works. Ice, (one of my bestfriends now), works. I find when I can cool down, really cool down, it helps to alleviate the pain. We are here for you. Prayers for you and your family.
  2. jasonc

    Nighttime visitors

    AWESOME !! Sounds great ! BTW.....order showed up yesterday. Thanks for the support Jase
  3. jasonc

    Nighttime visitors

    Morning. Yup, taking 3000mg fish oil/omega 3. 250mg of magniesum. And calcium citrate. Maybe I just need some time for everything to get "settled" I dont know....Still at it though. I did however pick up my guitar last night for the first time in weeks. Felt good
  4. jasonc

    Nighttime visitors

    and to top it all off, I puulled my back out here at work on Sunday !! When it rains it pours.
  5. jasonc

    Nighttime visitors

    Just an update about my condition. I started D3 last week. Headaches went away one (1) day after started regime. Went three days PF ! Well, the SOB came back on Sunday. All night time hits.3 a night again. Currently I am taking 15000IU of D3. This morning, I dropped it down to 10000IU. My scalp is so sensitive right now. Telling me from past history, I'm still in cycle. URGH ! Going to stick at at it. Waiting for my "busting material" to show up. Man I dislike the slow postal service. Trying to keep spirits up. We will see what happens today/tonight. Work right now is VERY stressful. Trying to cope with that. Anyway, just an update. Everybody have a PF day ! Jase
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    tune for you

    GOD That would have sweet to see. Love Jimi, Janis, and Jerry.
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    Nighttime visitors

    good morning all !!! And yes, it is a good morning ! Just an update. I started D3 a few days ago. Thursday night, I was awoken one time. Real mild HA. A little O2, a presto gone. Was able to get 6 hours of sleep. Last night, same thing. Awoke with a little HA. Got a little O2 & some redbull. Gone in a short time. Went back to bed. So, something is working. I want to thank the people here from the bottom of my heart with the information and guidance they have shared with me oveer the course of week.THANK YOU. Hopefully we can go a third night tonight.
  8. jasonc

    Welding O2

    I use "welding" O2. And, it works real good. I'm sure you've done this allready. Look in your local yellowpages for welding supply shops. Tell them you need an O2 bottle. Usually people don't ask. Get yourself a regulator. Have at it. Like Gump said, you dont have to pretend. Just tell them your cutting metal with a torch. Good Luck
  9. jasonc

    Nighttime visitors

    Thanks "ThatHurts". I was thinking about sleeping like that tonight. Thanks. Oh yeah, nice avatar ! Do I see hawaiian slings in the back ground ?? I will try the melatonin. Your not nagging. Not at all. Thanks for the help my friends.
  10. jasonc

    5 weeks and counting

    Hey Gump, Like you, I started out with 10000iu a day. Also, Im taking 3 tablets of calcium citrate. I am taking omega fish oil. 3000mg a day. Thanks for asking  Havent tried the lemonade yet. I will start that tonight. As for my seeds ?? No, they havent showed up yet. Wish I had some to break this cycle. I would give anything for 8hrs sleep. I'm averaging about 4 hours. And even that is intermitent sleep. Not healthy. This heat & humidity here where I live, is taking its toll on me right now. It seems that I'm very sensitive to heat & humidity as I get older. I guess thats why I love winter so much. Like everybody else on this site, I just want these things to go away for good. My wife and I were talking just the other evening about my cycles. She said she was worried that with a 19 remission time period, that when they came back they would be worse and more severe. She's right. I love this site. The people here really understand what I'm going through. They offer excellent advice. Excellent reassurance. I cant thank you all enough. I did decide to order up some "medicine material". Going to be a while before I can use it. Oh well. Just keep pushing through it I guess. I do have my O2 though !! Thanks Guys.
  11. jasonc

    Nighttime visitors

    Hey everybody, I'm in a pretty tough cycle right now. Seems that I am only getting full blown attacks at night once I fall asleep. Usually 2 hours and my "visitor" shows up. Averaging 3-4 a night. Mainly shadows during the day. Sometimes a full blown attack. Anyway, how many here have multiple hits at night ? And, what is so special about nightime hits ? I've read about our circaidian clocks. Hypothalumus with seasons and time. Just looking for some otheres point of view(s) Jason
  12. jasonc

    Right side / left side. . .and why?

    85% of the time, mine are on the right side. SUCKS !
  13. jasonc

    5 weeks and counting

    Started D3 regime. Very hard night last night. Yesterday was spent with lingering shadows. Stronger shadows than ususal. It seems like this guy is hitting me every two hours when I lay down to sleep. Had three episodes last night between 937pm and 430am this morning. Last one just ended an hour ago. THis really sucks my friends. Wish I knew why these happen !!
  14. jasonc

    5 weeks and counting

    thanks a lot for the info Bejeeber. I will look into those vitamins this afternoon. THANKS ! I just looked at RC seeds. Ordered them up from a website. Trying to deal with this. Should be an interesting evening. LOL ! Gotta keep my spirits up !! I will give update. Thanks All!
  15. jasonc

    5 weeks and counting

    guys, thanks a ton for the support. Means a lot. !! Yes, your right about that amount of trex. I knew going into it, I was entering a very touchy "scheme". Its almost you get to a point where its a vicious cycle. Rebound headaches vs. cluster. You know. And its a shame. While I was in Panama, I was spending time with my Dad and Brother. Fishing trip. My brother saw first hand me going through an episode at the hotel. I think I scared the hell out of him. Supposted to be a good time fishing. Instead, trying to keep this monster in check. Just dealing with the anexiety of the next onset. I know many people know what Im talking about. I havent trex in about a week now. Used up all injections. Probably a good thing. Im not on any other scripts at the present time. Thank goodness. I want to try the RC method. Scares me a little. Gotta shake this thing. Last night was not good. Havent had "real" sleep in a long time. Ive gotten back to the point of where I am afraid to go to bed. Thanks for the help guys.. Ill keep you all posted Wish everybody PF days who read this. Jase