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  1. Haha well I assume he just wanted a second opinion first. I'm not at Yale lol, but I have been to the building, and yeah man thats just awful. Brutalism was not a good thing. I actually go to school in a building thats somewhat similar (Idk if I should identify my uni) and my building seems to trigger attacks. I think its the stuff in the air, we use lots of solvents (xylene), toxic glues, and we have several laser cutters that cut by burning chipboard, acetate, museum board, and other things that really irritate my brain. Its hard to say, I've tried tons of things. In terms of like energy d
  2. Hi I am a new member here, and last year I as fortunate enough to be a part of an even similar to this called AIA: Grass Roots, where I acted as an AIA lobbyist and met representatives of the government and one of my congresswoman directly. I have her card and want to email her information or, spread awareness to her of this. I have no clue how to structure this letter or what to include or anything other than my own personal experience of living through this hell. Thanks for any suggestions and help. You guys are life savers and I hope one day all your hard work will pay off and our suf
  3. Well doctors haven't been extremely helpful at all. This is a new doctor I just started seeing who listened to my descriptions of my attacks and gave me the official diagnosis. He's been great. He however did not suggest an oxygen tank, but he has asked me to see a neurologist, who I now have a some time to see. I had accidentally discovered I had cluster headaches when I started doing LSD. I was practically abusing it, but I had discovered through my abuse of it, that I no longer was getting attacks. So I googled psychedelic migraine treatment and thats when I found cluster headaches. The d
  4. I was finally officially diagnosed with CH and my doctor gave me Eletriptian, I went to fill the prescription and the pharmacist tells me its $200 for 5 pills and my insurance won't cover it. I am about to visit my doctor to see if I can get a tryptamine that will work with my insurance. I am pretty frustrated with the medical system in the US. I have been prescribed a slew of dangerous narcotics, but I can't get a safe but mind bending mushroom? Give me a break. I could easily kill myself with the Phenobarbital or the Bella Donna Alkaloids they prescribed me when they had no idea what was w
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