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  1. "Most believe that CH has to do with a problem in the brain, with the hypothalamus" Yeah, I know. It's wishful thinking. A doctor (one of 3 I've seen so far at the clinic) today said it might be my neck. On the right side of my neck is real tight and kinda more muscular than the left side. R side is where I get tension headaches and Cluster headaches. My spine is shaped like an "s" with my back having the curve at the bottom by my right hip, then goes left , then goes to the left , then goes back to the right towards my right shoulder, causing my neck a lot of tension. I have a lot of muscul
  2. Hey peeps I have been here before but its Been a while. I have Been CH FREE since last November (I think)!!! Question, I went to a physical therapist/sports medicine guy yesterday and was told I have scoliosis. He is one of the best doctors around the region. He says the tension headaches (not CHs) are from my misalignment. My question, can my scoliosis (my back literally is shaped like an "s" ...but not severely painful...) cause my CH. I'm episodic and I believe my CH cycles are linked to my exercising. I always have thought this. Anyone have any experience with this? I'll let you k
  3. As someone that took a TON of adderal in college...and had severe episodic CH, I think adderal / and or Ritalin added to the severity of my cluster headache CYCLES. I never really had a CH while I was ON adderal or ritalin BUT as a person that at one point in time took that stuff every day in college, I noticed when I got off that crap my cycles are WAY WAY WAAAAAY less frequent and less severe. Just saying. Ritalin and adderal create a lot of tension and anxiety...both bad bad bad for CH sufferers. Not the answer.
  4. I never really thought about it until now (after reading about all the head trama) But when I was about 15 I was at a 311 concert and got a concussion. I was crowd surfing, got thrown into the air by two huge guys (I weighted about 120lbs) and on the way down my heel hit someone's shoulder and I landed head first. I literally felt my had bouncing on concrete. The whole place stoped and helped me to the paramedics in the middle of the concert. I started having the headaches maybe about a year after. Around 16 I suppose. Here's the thing. At that time I was using LSD, mushroom, E and other t
  5. Cool Thanks man. I think a friend of mine in California MIGHT (and I stress might) come through for some shrooms. If not, I'll keep in touch. Yeah New Orleans is great. I love it. Whats the "Licorice root" I just read about?
  6. Yeah definitely. I am by no means a doctor BUT I majored in psychology and chemistry(pre med). I studied pharmacology quite a bit. I know my meds. I was just tired of school and eventually opted to go in my family business. Most doctors aren't that bright (at least the ones I've dealt with) I actually taught my doctors most of what they know about CHs. So yeah, definitely...do YOUR research for you. No doubt. Now a days there is sooooooo much info out there it unbelievable.
  7. I hear that, man. Sorry to hear about your suffering.
  8. Now trying to get a script of Verapamil might be aggravating. I have no clue if I can get shrooms here. Which states can receive the seeds? Can Texas or California? I have friends there. Maybe I could get them to sen them to me. This condition is so fucking ridiculous. It makes me so fucking mad that NO FUCKING DOCTORS HAVE A FUCKING CLUE about any of it. And neither does my family... They think they do...but they don't. Fucking sucks. half the time I can tell they think I'm overreacting to it all. Like "suck it up and don't take any medicine. It's just a headache" kinda of crap. S
  9. So, verapamil won't make me have ED problems? I can't order the damn seeds. I am going to try a few college buddies. F*#K!
  10. I just tried to order RC seeds. It told me I couldn't ship them to my state...Louisiana. Fuck. Any way around this?
  11. So, If I want to order RC seeds (which to me seemed the easiest to take when I read all the info) can I order them legally in Louisiana? I want the weakest trip and the easiest ones to make/take. Correct me if I am wrong on this. I looked up "Rivea corymbosa" and saw this shamansgarden.com and saw them there for around $10. Howe many do I need and is that the best place to get them...and ship them to my house? Thanks again, Jeff C
  12. Damn. So I can't have sex on verapamil. I haven't gotten a CH BUT I felt SERIOUSLY CLOSE to the feeling of one starting up about ten times today. Maybe I should just chill out with the exercise and see what happens in the next few days. As far as the "Busting"... Shrooms freaked me the fuck out last time I did them recreationally. And I barely took any. Do you just take a small amount? and what does the detox involve? I haven't been taking any meds. Well, I guess I did take a muscle relaxer the other day for my neck. Does that mess it all up?
  13. Hello to all. I was here a bit in october '10 asking advice to stop my CHs ...and ...I'm back. I am episodic BUT am so far CH free since November. I recently started exercising again. That for some stupid reason seems to start (at least I believe this to be true) my cluster headache cycle. I can do yoga...and only yoga without starting a cycle. Today, after 5 days of doing maybe 25mins of the elliptical machine/2 to 3 miles, I all the sudden feel like I am about to get to a cycle. I usually have way more time between cycles for me. :-/ :-X :-X :-X I am going to hawaii with my gf in a m
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