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    anyone else entering fall cycle?

    Hey automator. I am a 43YO male suffering for about 15 years (episodic). I started journaling my attacks in 2016, recording all the details. I do not have any real consistency at all. I get them on both sides, but normally the left. And the timing and duration are all over the place as well. In 2016 I started the cycle in August and lasted a month. Then got another attack for the month of December. Then pain free until late February of 2018. That one was on the right side and lasted 6 weeks. Again pain free since then until this past Friday night when I started having very mild attacks before bed and as I awake. Now just waiting for the cycle to go full swing. I also start the cycles out mild and it gets worse from there. Typically about a week to 10 days. Before I started journaling I remember one year where I had a cycle both in the spring and fall. So, probably not some other type of migraine. Just a wacky cycle. Highly recommend journaling.