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  1. jh

    Hi Batch,

    As you suggested, I will be starting the D3 regimen tomorrow.  I did notice that one of the supplements had folic acid.  I take and have been taking 1 milligram folic acid tabs daily for quite a while since my bladder was removed due to cancer.  Would I be taking too much folic acid with the amount in the supplement.Thank You


    1. Batch


      Hey JH,

      Thanks for the headzup you're starting the anti-inflammatory regimen. You've made a wise decision...

      Regarding the folate, the Tolerable Upper Intake Level (UL) for Folic Acid is 1000 μg/day (1 mg/day).  That said, taking even higher doses of folate should not pose a problem.

      We're almost in the same boat... I lost my left kidney to cancer last year...  This form of cancer was likely due to a 18 month long course of an experimental monoclonal antibody called daclizumab.  I was taking it back in 2000 as a participant in a clinical trial at the National Eye Institute, NIH Bethesda, MD to control an autoimmune eye disorder called uveitis.  My retina were trying to reject me...  The daclizumab was destroying my immune system resulting in all kinds of infections including colds, flu, pneumonia, pancreatitis, eosinophilic meningitis and squamous cell skin cancer... all in the course of this study.

      Regarding my left-hand assisted nephrectomy, my urologist was amazed how fast I recovered from the laparoscopy and that my labs looked so good with the exception of my 25(OH)D which I keep up around 150 ng/mL.  When I explained why I kept it that high to prevent my CH, he got a smile on his face and said... "OK... as long as your serum calcium remains in the normal reference rage with your 25(OH)D this high... I've no problem with you doing this..."  My serum calcium has always remained within its normal reference range.

      The only problem I've noticed with one kidney... I can only get half as pissed off as I used to...

      Take care and please keep me posted.


  2. It has been a while since I visited the Clusterbuster site.  Actually, about 7 years since my last episode. I am 29 days into it again.  Pretty nasty this go around.  Thank God for O2.  

    I am very impressed with the information this site provides for everyone.  Thank you.  

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    2. jh



      It appears to be pay back time.  4-5 headaches a day. Mostly in evening once the day is over they begin.  Then through the night every couple of hours they wake me.  I am very lucky that O2 works for me.  I go through 2-3 E tanks every couple of days. 

    3. Freud


      Can you not get M tanks, my O2 supplier has given me 3 Mtanks and 1 E tank to try out. Unfortunately I need the higher flows 20-25lpm and the E tank I have only goes to 15. I could get a regulator on line but the O2 usually doesn’t work for my day attack’s and I only use the E tank in the car. That was the plan at least. 

    4. jh


      I haven’t really checked into the M tank yet.  I guess I could get one.  The E tanks as you know are much mote portable around the house.  

      Does your insurance pay for your O2?