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    Quit clusterheadaches.com yesterday

    Sure I remember you in Nashville. You go to the same hairdresser that I do. I am retired from the State Police now. I remember going to the convention in Atlanta in 2000 and people were just beginning to talk about alternatives then and when I walked up, the conversation stopped. I never picked up on it until a couple of years later when they told me. We have all had a good laugh about it. But if they ever do come back, I intend to explore this because some of the drugs that I used to take are probably not good for me at my age now other than 02. Anyway, good to talk to you again. Heading back over to ch.com.
  2. Jimi

    Quit clusterheadaches.com yesterday

    Possibly......I have been pain free for 10 years now. Goadsby told me last summer when I asked him if I had "outgrown them" that I was just in a long remission period which is normal for episodics after they hit 60. I didn't really want to hear that but I am hoping he was wrong. After 10 years, if they ever come back, I will be coming here asking for assistance and recommendations and "how to" from you guys.
  3. Jimi

    Quit clusterheadaches.com yesterday

    Yep , you got raked over the coal by a couple of people over nothing. But I gotta tell you, you should have seen the board a few years ago. It is downright mellow to the way it was. DJ put direct rules on what was allowed and what was not about 3 years ago. They were his rules and we were asked to help moderate it. No one crossed the line with you but they did make snap judgements based on their beliefs. Myself and another moderator stepped in but you had had enough. It happens very infrequently anymore but it still happens. I just wanted to come over here and apologize for it. And for your information, both guys are also members on this site as well.
  4. Jimi

    "going legal" - methysergide ?

    There is another called cafergot. (caffeine + ergotomine) Years ago before 02 or anything else, I used to use it in suppository form. The pills were too slow to do any good. It worked pretty good. Usually took about 20 minutes to work. I know some that still use cafergot in pill form. They use 02 and then take a pill. It seems to give them about 10-12 hours of pain free time.