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    The 12 Clusters of Christmas

    Am chronic for three Christmases now. Each seems more depressing, and I now dislike the season. Was only having 3-5 a week, but this Christmas week I have them every day. Feel like missing Christmas this year, family says understands but I'm holding all of them back. Hope for improvement but stretched thin. Left side temple pain almost always present. Anybody ever have Botox on side pain originates? Did lidocaine to temple but relief is a day or two. Hang in there, and I will too and end the pity party.
  2. Jim K

    Thank you Bob Wold

    To everyone: I am pretty new to Clusterbusters although I have been chronic for two years with little reprieve. When you go through a very dark time, it seems that you end up experiencing things and meeting some awesome people you otherwise wouldn't have met. I just want to thank Bob Wold for his time, his help and his support that he has shown me and my wife Leigh. he almost literally has talked me off the ledge and I truly appreciate the help and support. Bob is one of those special people you meet along life's path. Thank all of you for the unbeleivable info and for letting us know we are not alone. Thank you Bob!! Jim Knibbs