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    2009 Clusterbuster Conference report

    Thanks, Bob. Sounds like enthusiasm teeming.
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    BOL trial at the MHH

    I take this to mean it had been chronic since? It appears that after each BOL treatment, phantom hits may be following. This seems a return to a cycle and regression to episodic, but was still kept muted perhaps from the BOL treatments. I wonder what would have happened if BOL treated again after six months time. This was an implication of concern from a prior post about BOL. Those who've wandered from medical attention into similar acting alternatives to discover effectiveness and bring this trial about may in the future require attachment again with the doctorhood to get it prescribed. Accessability of BOL by those who helped bring it about, the fruits of their labor possibly being dependent upon finding a doctor to prescribe what may look to a chronic, in guessing so far, like a six-month interval treatment (of three doses) for the first year. Another had mentioned progress of six months pf. This may be ongoing success. While maybe a distant bridge to cross, some ideas about working toward access can be informing, especially after compounding the interest and anxiousness with the need of many others by a second trial verification.
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    Thank you. I've been keeping my doctor abreast of articles concerning this in anticipation of convincing a prescription once available, this will help. At first it was a look of "You're talking LSD here," but another honing explanation of: Is it ok if I print out your post for my next appointment. Sometimes it can be a persistent period of warming up that could be needed. Damn, I see a rather traditional internal medicine doc, very old whose only open Mo, Tu, and Th from 12-3. The last two appointments I've discussed it with him but still get the feeling he'd refer me to a neurologist if I wanted this script when it comes down to it. It may take a certain relationship with a doc to walk in with a request and obtain this. As far as a neurologist goes, also, their awareness and acceptance to prescribe may leave yet an open limited kind to right angle from previous methods of treatment upon its new introduction based upon early studies and an opening view. I'm into preparation in this regard, all I've got is long experience with managing to say, "I'm looking for better." Perhaps refusals might be in the cards. I think of how many walk away with oxygen scripts at an unbudging 8Lpm. I am wondering if it will still be considered LSD if after: As a by-and-by, despite whence it came, perhaps it may deserve a different connotation as treatment, for effort of departure from past usage. Is it any longer considered LSD in perception of the mind's eye? I know there are different names for it, but 2-bromo-lsd could lead to preconceived notions that may entail a more prolonged cautious look regarding a scripting, although it seems useless at this point to try to conceal its source. Can it just be seen as a medication that works well for clusters. And Bob, your comparison with the more familiar Sansert can have an important ring to it when talking to a neurologist, that can help get a hmmmm of consideration along these lines. This can be handy, too, if I can borrow. Of course this first.  Soon to do. Thanks