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    I do have expereince with this med. I was perscribed twice to break a nasty cronic cycle. While the dexamethasone did break the cycle, the side effects I experienced were not worth the trade off. I will never take that med again! A few side effects I expereinced. * Gained 20 lbs within 30 days * Roid rage. Do not poke the bear who is on this med. * Mainia * I could not smoke or drink enough. Do not go on this med if you had stopped smoking just a month earlier. I started smoking again to prevent homicides. * Oddly enough, any depression I had disappeared completely. Very strange. When I told my Dr this, his response was to put me on a antidrepressant which did nothing. Note: I did not have this same experience the 2nd time I took dexamethasone. * If you are prone to infections, be very careful!! That's all I'm gonna say about that. The above was my experience. YMMV
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    2010 CB Conference - announcement

    I soooo want to go to this. Hopefully all the stars will line up just right and I will be there. Beth
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    IAMSHAMAN - RC Seeds

    I ordered and recieved my rc seeds from psycoactiveherbs. Hopefully they will be available to purchase in the future.