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  1. Yes I am on steroids 25 mg daily. Did 3rd dose of rc and cut to 24 mg. Yes have O2 and ketamine spray to try. Will dose again on Sunday. That will be 4th dose--Can I keep dosing 5 days apart?? Thanks everyone.
  2. Have taken 2 doses of 60 seeds 5 days apart. Do for 3rd dose tonite. Headaches worse- not just cluster but migraine bad too. Anyone have this happen?? Does it get better? Thanks all. Michelek
  3. thank you Gregg and Funguy for info. I figure it can't hurt-I am willing to try anything to break 2 1/2 year cycle. Will bring to Dr M at my visit. Almost ready for the mushrooms Michelek
  4. Hi all--just wondering if anyone has heard anything about hyperbaric oxygen tx for chronic clusters?? My doc in CT has not. Thanks. Michelek
  5. Couldn't have said it better. So thankful to all for making my first conference so informative and special. Thanks to all who worked so hard to put it together. After 2 1/2 years being chronic it was helpful to be with everyone. Hoping for remission one of these days. See you all next year. Michelek
  6. After reading your info decided to try oxygen again. Has not worked in the past but doc ordered again with a non-rebreather mask. Question is--can I trust the mask they bring or should I order O2ptimask?? Thanks all.
  7. thanks for reply. regarding oxygen-when in hospital has 15lpm but regular mask. Same thing when I had at home. Think I need to try again.
  8. Have dosed 3 times with the seeds but only up to 20 seeds. I know my prednisone may block but can I keep dosing at 5 day intervals?? O2 does not work for me. Am long time chronic trying to break cycle. thanks everone.
  9. Hi all--I have been chronic for 2+ years and on prednisone 25mg daily. Started seeds and have dosed 3 times-last dose 20 seeds. Can I keep dosing 5 days apart? WAs hoping to cut prednisone down but cannot yet. Was told to try Kudzu? Will this interfere with seeds? Thanks for the help.
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