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  1. I had the same thoughts today....People are raising all kinds of money on gofundme for just about everything, so why not utilize that to help our cause? The sooner bol-148 is available, the sooner we can get back to 'normal', if any of us are actually 'normal'. lol.
  2. I never have. Meant to, but didn't. I started last Thursday as per the new doc, but I think the only reason she wants me to keep a diary is to try to qualify me for botox injections, which is not going to happen. I don't care how much of a kick back she gets for giving them, she ain't getting any from me. :
  3. 2 am wake up call. Except this time, it is not the beast-my head is plugged up tighter than a frogs butt and I couldn't breathe. So, this leads me to believe 1 of 2 things; This will be the first time that I will have my sinus allergies at the same time as my CH cycle, or my cycle has ended. Hoping for the latter-I feel human again.
  4. Unfortunately, no 02. It will be a rough week, but it'll be worth it... The only 'good' thing to come out of this cycle is that since it's been so long, a lot of people have been exposed to me during an attack. When they see the droopy eye, running nose, and look of desperation in my eyes, it dawns on them just how severe this is. One guy at work asked if I was having a stroke. That gave me a bit of a chuckle. People are a little more understanding. My boss even watched the nat geo(?) special about dosing and clusters.
  5. I dosed Sat night. I did not take enough, and I didn't detox first. I have some left for friday night, and I am going to force myself to detox. The Treximet stopped working. I used to be able to take 1 and knock out an attack in less than an hour. Since Thursday, I've taken 3 trex, and last night went without, and got the same 3 hour hit. However, they have been milder since sat night. My mood was better on sunday. Friday night is the next time due to work schedule. I suppose that I can hang in there for another week-been doing it this long. I still am leaning towards an environmental allergic reaction as a trigger this cycle. I think something outside wants to kill me. Hopefully, the week flies by.
  6. What are the chances that I have gone from one to the other? This cycle is the absolute longest ever-6 months and counting. Regular 1:30-2:00AM hits everyday since Wed. I usually have ~2 month long cycle, and few random night attacks. I forget what it feels like to be human. I am constantly tired and grumpy, and not much fun to be around. Went to a neuro Thurs and got 2 scripts-treximet and depakote. Took 1 depakote, and got my arse handed to my @1:30am and thought it was a rebound HA, but after this long, It must've been a coincidence. I am either turning chronic, or something outside this house is trying to kill me. I may need to go elsewhere for a couple of days to see if that helps. We moved Jan 4th, and cycle started after that. :-/
  7. Energy drinks are my go to, unless I'm in a full blown attack, in the middle of the night. I used to use Monster, but NOS sits better with my stomach. This cycle sucks. Sun, rain, hot, cold, everything gives me a hard time. Seeds are not working and I can't get anything else. 6 more days to doc appt....
  8. O2 is unavailable at this time for this cycle,as is shrooms and paper. I plan on dosing again Tuesday night with the seeds though. For the last week, I have found a definite trigger---SMOKE. Campfire, paper, exhaust, engine paint burning on a new engine, and header heat wrap curing. Type of smoke plays a definite part in timing--between exposure and hit. @ hours and counting currently, after being outside while the neighbor was burning boxes about 2 hours prior to the hit.
  9. http://my.opera.com/richardinbellingham/blog/management-of-cluster-headache-via-supplementation-exercise-dietary-change-and I am in the longest cycle I have ever had to date. Jan til now. I have taken too many pills this cycle-all of my stockpile(9/mo. x5mos) of Treximet is gone-forcing me to detox. I have dosed with RC seeds 3 times since Feb, with the latest time last night-35 seeds. I felt the usual effects, and slept good-for a change. I woke up @ 9:30 to a light shadow, which is standard after I dose. But by 10, it was full blown. I grabbed my hat, headphones, and a Monster and by 10:30 it was gone. Hoping this is the end for the year. I go to see a new neurologist Jun 7th. Planning on busting again later this week.
  10. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2121496/Mother-suffered-200-HEADACHES-day-cured-brain-zapper.html?ito=feeds-newsxml Found this article this morning...sounds like the same implant.
  11. Is anyone still using this method? I stopped taking the vitamins when my cycle ended, and just started a new cycle 2 days ago. So, I have started taking it again, too little too late, I'm afraid.
  12. You can add me to the list of those who use this occasionally to abort. Doesn't work everytime, since the beast is a jokester that likes to change the rules, but if I catch it in time....
  13. I have noticed, on more than one cycle, that if I catch a cold, I get relief from my cycle. This is only temporary, as I still get hits through early winter, and then once the weather starts to warm in early spring. Surely, I can't be the only one. My cycle started 2 weeks ago-2 weeks after a minor head cold and bronchitis. I caught the cold back from my wife on Monday, and have had no hits since. Not even a minor shadow. Sinus HA, yes, but no CH. I did take a treximet last Thursday, but I had shadows most of last weekend. As for cold medicine, I have taken Advil cold and sinus, claritin, and generic mucinex. But I started thinking, and I can not remember a time that I had a cold AND CH at the same time-and I don't always take these meds. :-?
  14. Yes. 1 to 2 droppers per week now. I've been unable to monitor my BP regularly, and the last time time it was a bit high(for me) so I started cutting back on it-to see how it went. I haven't used the RC seeds to bust with yet, as my schedule hasn't allowed for it. This weather needs to dry up though...would be a lot better! lol
  15. Well, since my last post on April 11, I have come to fully believe in this 'treatment'. When I skip 2 days, the shadows come out to play. I have also been supplementing the Licorice root(maybe 15-30 drops/week now) and I added the Fish oil O3, and Magnesium to the roster. I missed the part about the calcium citrate...will have to check into it though. As of last Monday, I'm taking 4000iu D3,1x360mg Omega3/1200mg fish oil combo,2x400mg/15mg magnesium/zinc combo. Still drinking 64oz++ water/day(filtered city bleach water), the occasional Monster Energy, and the seldom coffee. Also in the process of quitting smoking(trying the E cig route-down to 5-6/day instead of 1/2 pack), and diet changes(no more processed foods or fast food,hormone laced commercial meat. Trying to buy everything we can locally grown now.). I've had CH for the last 12 years, and I am now in total control, at last! What really gets me is that I fought the docs for O2. Guess how many times I've needed it since I got it. Exactly.......3 times. Better to have it and not need it, and this cycle is hanging on, but the weather is to blame for that. Normally, I would be good to go by now, but Mother Nature has had other plans with all of the rain. I'll show her! lol. PF days and nights to all. With the nice weather comes more work, so my posts will become infrequent. But I will try to get in here and check up every chance I get.
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