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  1. Do you just munch them like that with the chocolate? Where do you get these from? Gimme!
  2. AgentOrange - I agree with you in that sense, in the middle of an attack I could be surrounded by naked ladies and would not even bat an eyelid or care. No one can be near me, talk to me or even think about me during one. I meant to abort one, when you get the first ticklings, or a shadow. CHfather - Oh now that article looks like a good read!! Haha, yes I wonder a CH is actually simply down to oxygen levels in the blood rather than all this about a deformed hypothalmus and what not. Though on a slightly different note, something "this" painful surely must indicate that something is seriously wrong in there...
  3. Hi Renee, Thanks, you seem to have hit the jackpot there! It was good to find out that you can change doctors if need be - I thought once you had a GP, that was it unless you moved. Are you talking about the Queens Park Hospital? It looks promising there, I've emailed them to see whats what. These RC seeds look interesting - Would you say it owuld be best to take them only in an active period or all year? Thanks, yeah I've always had a low tolerance to Alcohol and react badly to weed so they are probably connected.. Probably should quit smoking as well...though I haven't noticed any adverse affects(aside from the usual).
  4. I'm currently researching other "alternative" ways to abort an attack, and can confirm that sex is a fantastic way at stopping the beast in his tracks. My girlfriend is glad to help towards the cause, and incidentally, says "hi". Would anyone else like to contribute? Ps - To the mods, this is valid reseach, and after all, this is a clusterbusting board.
  5. Given me a bit of hope, thank you. I've set up an appointment with my GP again and will give him the printout of that link. Yeah the night attacks are the worst - Nothing can stop them and are sometimes even more painful. Out of 10, with 10 being your head actually exploding and 1 being a normal headache, how painful are your attacks after the few years you have had them?
  6. For all you employed Clusterheads out there, Just wondered, how do you fit in your jobs with your bouts of headaches? I work full time and thankfully my employer (Toyota GB) is incredibly understanding. If you are happy to share, where do you work? Also, what benefits do the government give you in your respective countries? (Disability etc)
  7. Hi there Basoon, so have you found 02 to be helpful in aborting the attacks? I have to say the degree of pain they are at the moment I actually cannot imagine them getting any worse! Thank you so much for the help, I will be following the steps you've advised and letting you all know how it goes.
  8. Haha, hi there! Well that is a valid theory actually, as my strings happen to be nickel. Hmm...might have to do a bit of digging on that, like Nickel toxins or something. Pretty sure any of those metals are toxic if they are seeping into ya!
  9. Hi there Bejeeber, I have to say it's lovely how welcoming you all are here. I searched in google for "cluster headache forum" as there seems to be a forum for everyone elses issues these days. Thanks, I'll certainly check those links out, anything that can help, as Oxygen seems to be almost a miracle cure for what I'm reading on here. So far Sumitriptan spray is working quite well to abort an attack (The verapamil seems pretty useless), and there doesn't seem to be a lot of ways to manage CH without breaking the law. I have heard rumours of smoking weed can sometimes help, and over here in the UK if you get caught smoking it/owning a small amount then u dont really get much more than a slap on the wrist - Would you/anyone know if weed is effective?
  10. I'm not Chronic thank goodness, more episodal, every winter time. I find Guitar really helps, and that was through the coule of years it was undiagnosed and untreated.
  11. Thanks CHFather, I appreciate it. I'm in the UK - I suggested an o2 prescription to my doctor before, and he said it was "too expensive to justify", and refused. My neurologist flat out refuses to see me more than once a year, and no one seems to know anything about it(It actually took me giving the wikipedia printout to her to make her realise!) Sorry to sound thick, but is melatonin something you can buy over the counter...? Just reading the links you posted now.
  12. Well, I've finally been diagnosed with Cluster Headaches, after enduring years of useless treatments for "Sinisitis", "Neuralgia", "Migraine" etc, and being left for hours in A&E after doctors continually write "Headache" on my notes and wonder why paracetamol isn't working. I've been put on daily doses of Verapamil and have a couple of Sumitriptan Nasal sprays when the warning pains come. I appear to be one of the lucky ones whos clusters come once a year(Around oct-dec time) for a period of about 6-8 weeks - Maybe you guys could help me with some home remedies? I'm 23, and male by the way, and clusters started when I was around 19-20, and I've noticed with each cluster the pain is progressively worse. Which is worrying.
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