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  1. Because the rc seeds seem to cause shadows, I'd probably stick to the mm's. I wonder if it's common to get shadows from rc when taken out of cycle.
  2. I find that RC seeds give me shadows. I'll take them as a preventative and for the next week or two I will get shadows that I didn't get before the seeds. I'm not sure what to do about it either. The seeds are so easy to use in every way.
  3. I've gone back to sleep after aborting with caffeine. I'm normally very sensation to caffeine but for whatever reason I've gone back to sleep.
  4. For sure. Did last night. No shadows today! Crazy how anxious a tiny headache on the right side makes me. I'm going to be a happy man if I get through august headache free. Last summer was hell!
  5. I received another order of seeds from shamen and noticed that the lot number indicates that these a seeds are from March. Are these useless considering shelf life is so short? I'm using 60.
  6. More slight shadows today. Nothing really painful but after last summer any pain on that side makes me nervous. Maybe I'll use more seeds this week. I'm really trying everything to make sure I don't get a cycle this summer.
  7. Has anyone gotten something similar to slap backs when busting as a preventative while OUT OF cycle? I woke up today with a clogged feeling ear and sporadic slight pains behind eye after busting on Monday. I'm not in cycle so it's a little weird/ I should also mention that my first cycle started at the end of last summer.
  8. Just spent some time reading about him. Seems like he was an amazing guy. Huge loss to us all.
  9. Thanks ch father. That's great info.
  10. Thanks guys. So maybe the 50 will prevent a cycle this summer. One can hope!
  11. Interesting. And you've ordered from the recommended venders? So you don't think that they work at all? I've never gotten much other than vivid dreams and drowsiness. I think I'm more confer able using other busting tools if in going for a real psychedelic experience. I was thinking that seeds are an easy way to busy without putting a day aside for it.
  12. How can you tell if you're taking the right dose of seeds? When using as a preventative, there's really no obvious way to tell if it's "working". Is 50 enough?
  13. Thanks for the responses guys. Chfather, alcohol is most definitely a trigger but I'm not in cycle. I'm just trying to prevent one bc I was having slight slight pain on my right side. Hopefully it wasn't cluster related but busting to be safe. It's more of a preventative bust than anything else.
  14. Thanks for the advice. Was thinking of trying 35 tonight. It sounds like I should be able to sleep no problem. Is that accurate? Also, should I expect stomach upset or nausea? Should I have a drink? All advice is welcome!
  15.  Hopefully not, agreed. But we've seen so many people put off busting and then regret that they didn't hit it early. My suggestion -- Take a good-sized bunch of the ones you have now, while you're waiting for the fresh ones you order today to arrive. Worst that can happen is that the old ones have no effect; best is that you get a head start, just in case. Or, if they weren't shadows, maybe you get in a good preventive bust. Have more coming today. I've never done this so kind of nervous. I'm hoping it just makes me drowsy...we'll see.
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