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  1. Oh bugger! Been clear now since November since my MM and meo 1 month alternating. Have a tiny amount left and didn't restock! I knew legislation was coming - such a fool. Just have to hope an alternative crops up in the next year I suppose. Meant to come back on here and say a BIG thankyou to LT2.
  2. Specialist scales. Quite cheap on amazon search for 20g/0.001g
  3. 1g == 1000 milligrams 1000mg / 15mg == 66.667 approx
  4. So I have had a 5 week spell of every 5 days alternating between  Meo and MM. For the first 3 weeks minimal pain on 25mg meo/1.2g mm. But then pain ramped slightly and I upped the dose to 30mg meo and 1.5gMM Everytime I dose I get a night of kickbacks, but other than that completely pain free for 2 weeks now Interesting that I get a kick back from meo. Also MM started the PF, but Meo successfully kept it going. As a test: First 3 weeks any alcohol would increase the pain, last 2 weeks have been able to have a little with no pain!!! Hic!!Â
  5. ooooo - thanks - it will also stop me from DIYing it. I'm not normally this gunho btw
  6. Price trebles with shipment to uk. I think I might just get a mouth piece 3d printed should fit a std mask set up here when you pull the mask off.
  7. Mostly I have no straps on the masks, but I do use a Maskless feed sometimes, which can have a tendency to hang in the mouth (just pipe=>reservoir=>oneway valve.). I grip this in my teeth - no leakage or mixing you see. I found that this gives the best / quickest relief.). I wear a beard sometimes you see and the masks are a right PITA. After reading here - I will take more care - I might even shave.
  8. Is it possible to burn out those recepters?, as MM and MEO - don't seem to be having nearly the effect that they have had in the past, CH getting worse it seems? What is the deal with OD on O2 - a number of times I have fallen asleep whilst on 12lpm to end up finishing the bottle on waking? Am also getting night sweats, have done for a few years now, so the thread on low testosterone is interesting. More blood work to be done I guess.
  9. I'm up to 25mg at the moment and a slight happy/fidgety feeling. Not much more. This week, 2 bad days/nights, 3rd night almost PF, 4th night 2 wakes but very light pain. Clean days from 3rd day. Perhaps cos I skipped a couple of days in redosing it took a little longer to beat the beast back down. Going to alternate between mm and 5meo from Friday and see if my body was getting to used to 5meo.
  10. Went away and forgot to take my stuff, DOH. Night time attacks as usual, every 1-2 hours. 3 nights, half a can of o2 taken. Got back 2 nights ago, took 25mg 5meo-dalt and then had the worst attacks night and day to follow. 2 days 1.5 cans of o2. Additional factors, just had terrible weather with torrential rain. Going to flip back to MM Friday night. So very nearly hit the sumatriptan last night. Exhausted. Very worried I've gone chronic.
  11. Too deep and scary for my liking. Also - its not clear at all as to wether it has any effect as a serotonin pusher.
  12. I had an MRI before and it absolutely confirmed 100% that without my skin, I would look like an extra from Alien.
  13. Just thinking out loud, but if the meo is unsticking at 48 hours. Would that mean I could re-dose, as I would no longer be blocked? Maybe ill try hitting every other day to see what's what. Any thoughts on that? Also, what with my little hypo turn the other day, wondering about asking the doc to get me an mRI scan booked, is there any particular area/thing to look for/around. Is there any point? Would it be better to try and purposely trigger an attack during it.
  14. I was just enquiring. I equally do not know enough to dive in without clear guidance from my peers.
  15. I do not have diabetes, but my father has. Need to keep a close eye on it. I did google - hypothalamus diabetes cluster headaches - to see if there was any googlewhacks on it.
  16. thanks L, Are the nm affinity levels on all these sub-tryps known ? I wouldn't dive into the great unknown without due consideration - however, I came across these whilst cross referencing through the various "Day Trippers" web forums. Reasoning - that those sites are more likely to dive in headless and possibly find the alternates which could prove beneficial to CH boys and girls. Also - I want to know the levels that have "no effect" so that if I raise my levels I do not fall into that world.
  17. Finished up last week with no more PF nights. Was supposed to have a dose on Thursday, but had a Hypoglycaemia reaction. i.e. felt like I might faint and had to eat something, blood sugars low I expect. So I thought I would skip the ME0-DALT that night...AND.... I went pain free that night waking very relaxed - go figure. So NewsFlash: Cure for Cluster Headaches - Get Type II Diabetes... - LOL Anyway, by-the-by, dosed up on Friday and Friday night: Pain as usual - light - but needing o2. Saturday night: PF - yay! Sunday night: Pain as usual - unyay! But as usual no day pains at all at the moment. So: Q1: Any correlation between blood sugars and serotonin levels. Q2: As it seems like 5MEO-DALT is taking 24 hours to stick and then falling off 24 hours later ( I understand its not that simple, but its easiest to explain like this ) - Would the size of dose increase the stickiness ? Or do you think that maybe I need to step up the nm affinity ladder.
  18. With the D3 - I was wondering what the deal with that is. I got a reading of 30 (not sure of measure), but was about half the level I expected. I generally suffer CH bi-annually - which to me was odd !! Could it be that D3 takes a time to sink low, then CH cuts in and causes D3 to rise in someway - possibly with the bodies need to walk/pace around. AND - this time with O2 and light CH (due to MM and MEO), I have not needed to pace and generally sit whilst o2'ing - and hence a very much extended cycle as d3 levels remain low. I think I will get a new reading and see whats what. Is there anything exactly I should ask for when getting a D3 blood test ? I have not actually been taking D3 regimen - but will start - I was just taking 10000 units from time to time when I remembered. Am a little all over the place a bit. btw: following dose on Sat night, 1 night CH, 1 PF night and then 3 night CH last night. However, daytimes appear to be relatively clear - just the odd ghost. Oh, and if I sleep sitting in a chair, I will also go PF. Its all very odd
  19. I'm not on anything else apart from D3. I tried melaton, but did not enjoy coming downstairs to get O2 when hardly able to walk - was stupidly tired, but still needed to hit the pain. I tried 5xrec dose - and still could not sleep through that. Stomach upsets not really my thing. Digestion is very good. Possibly I have less cafeine of a weekend, and kids are home - so maybe stress level is higher - not sure. All in all, this cycle has been less intense but far longer. I still think that I prefer this to a shorter, though more painful, verapamil/sumatriptan dosed cycle. But it is now getting annoying, I just hope I haven't moved to a chronic condition.
  20. I am also going to do 5 days rota and see. About 2-3 days PF in 5dayz rota might be about right. Also current weather highs and lows are all over the place here at the moment, am pretty sure this had some effect. Maybe my last bad 48 hours was a migraine mash up !! Such Fun!!!!
  21. Pretty losey following that last dose 25mg maybe hitting it a day early killed the effectiveness of the following dose, with a sever session fri and sat(day 4&5). Pretty much on and off oxygen for 48 hours with what felt like sever bruising. However, dosed 27mg sat night. Sat night still up with pain, Sunday ghosting all day, Sunday night and today PF. Whoopish we will see.
  22. Anyone looked into 4ACO DMT or 4PO DMT? Structurally related to 5MEO DMT??
  23. With MM, didn't really get into PF only mellowed pain, nighttime only. Only took a small amount as well about 0.8-1.5g I found the effect of taking was quite trippy. Serious shakes, heat and not nice feeling. Re 10 days. Both test cases went 18 days, the mild CH knocked away with repeat doses. I wanted to see if it was a single dose miracle cure for me. Guess not!!
  24. The only thing is: Just had 2 days PF as previously stated, unfortunately the "and counting" must have laid some bad omens and - BANG - 2 days pain including day pain - quite sever. So - ouch - Hit myself with 25mg 1 day early to see what might occur ( no taking effects, and no change to pain in the night or following day). Took another 25mg the following night, (noticeable drug effects whilst taking this time - possibly door closed the previous night ??? not sure ) - but still had some pain that (last) night. Have felt a little better during today - so hoping for a better result tonight. But currently the Jury is out. - If it doesn't desist, then I might find myself MM'ing again in 5 days time.
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