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  1. Summary: My Journey This Cycle: 3/4 months of MM, O2 and mainly mild CH's throughout. The odd PF day/night - but not often. .. .. 5 days after ineffective MM: 10-15mg MEO - PF: not first day, but PF second day and just a ghost on 3rd, then multiple reduced pain/ghost the others - no different to MM. 5 days later 15-20mg MEO - PF: none, reduced pain - mainly ghosts - easily managed. 5 days later 20-25mg MEO - PF: 10, then 3 nighttime mild CH's 20-25mg MEO - PF: 2 and counting == So MM for me reduces the pain for a few days before needing to re-take. It generally had me shaking, sweating and HOT when taking an effective dose - with a good slapback to boot. Not that pleasant to take, worst was when I chomped on the raw MM in desperation - gag city! MEO - on 25mg , a little bit shakey and a little bit HOT - no slapbacks that I can tell of. Sensation not unpleasant - but not tripping fantastic. From the start, reduced pain like MM - and then PF when I hit the bigger dose.
  2. So, 3 wakes last night with o2 required. But hey - 10 days PF, will be repeat dosing tonight. 25mg again or lower do you think Lt2? CHF - I did see on some other site, via Mr Google, that they would post - at your own risk to USA, but cannot find it again. But it is out there somewhere.
  3. 7 days/nights PF now, sleeping through; feeling good. Seems 25mg 5-MeO-DALT, may have been my thing. May only know if it was just an end of cycle coincidence or the real deal if it comes back, or in 2 years. Thanks all who have supported
  4. I did in previous cycles suffer throughout the day, even more so before I got my GP to give me O2. But this time, maybe due to MM and DALT, they have stayed away apart from an odd morning or early evening low pain attack. Nocturnal wake ups have been hard to kick. Not too sure that MM managed any more than a few extended PF hours overnight. When I talk about ghost, I mean, the nasal congestion is there, the eye is starting to ache and a throb in the jaw/teeth is just noticeable. When I hit this with O2, it all goes quite quickly 2-10 mins. Waking in the night, it varies in intensity, can be good can be really bad - but all have been knocked away by O2 quickly enough, once I have been woken. Possibly, it is end of cycle, will know in a few days or so. Hopefully, I have found a combination of treatments which will allow me to manage the cycles better next time when they return. Of your patients, out of interest, did you get them to get a Vitamin D3 reading ? Mine was down to about 30, but GP's just said - its uk - D3 is all over the place in this country.!! With, MM, I pretty much felt a few slap-backs, and found them more intense than the clusters I was trying to abort, the ghost from DALT ( if that is the cause ) - was negligible in comparison. I think DALT at 25mg will be my first port of call next time.
  5. 25 mg - definitely felt a bit effected on that. 1 ghost in first night and then 2 days/nights PF. Have even had a cheeky glass of vino Very very happy, long may it last.
  6. So, no pain free nights since taking 5 days back, but only light wake ups with ghosts, so not too bad. Upping to 25mg, tonight to see what's what, if no difference, then I'll probably go back to mm in 5 days and start blasting that a little higher. Although I suppose light ghosts might be post episode maybe - might cold turkey to see if CH returns! Is it possible that my busting is driving these small ones itself?
  7. I used to have migraines 20 years ago, but that stopped completely (possibly an optical thing) - very rarely do I ever get a "normal" headache now. CH profile: bi-annually, normally around march for about 3 months. Has been the same for the last 8 years (4 times). I am 47. However, this time (5th time) it started a little bit later and am now into my 5th month(!!eek). This is the first time that I have used MM - I was dosing around the 1.0 mark of dried MM strained into a nice lemon tea. I did try them raw once - but that was NOT good. It generally makes me twitchy and causes my skin to crawl. I have been known to giggle a little on them. However, since MMing - I have very few daytime CH's and the nighttime ones are not as painful as I have had them in the past, and manageable with O2 alone - I used sumatriptan once in 5 months and have not taken anything else for this other than Vit D3, MM and DALT. I was taking MM every 5 days, but was aware of the inconsistancy in the dosage - sometimes effected sometimes not. I tried the DALT after reading your post and waiting 5 days from the last MM. I am not a tripper and wouldn't want to be - I measured out 20mg last time, was expecting to get a little light headed, but felt nothing - and then with the night CH's still persisting wondered whether there might be something that needs adjusting. V3 - vitamin D3 - sorry. 5-MeO-DALT - bought here https://www.brc-finechemicals.com/5-meo-dalt.html - it is dry, but will clump slightly. haven't noticed the hair like structure but will get out the microscope later. It is bitter I found. I used a paracetamol plastic capsule that I had emptied first - maybe a little residue left within. Hope that all helps - as the 2nd night was a minimal CH, I am hoping to go PF tonight, but we will see. Will keep updating and may try 25mg, but only if I cannot sustain 5 PF nights. I believe that DALT is about to go on the bad list in UK following some media fed hype. If it works for me I would be looking to get my stocks up before then - is there a shelf life ? Hope that helps - thanks for the effort your putting into this. If its successful, you might save a great amount of pain (and lives...!!) Thank YOU.
  8. Update: 1 very light ghost woke me up last night, could almost have not bothered with O2 (but was scared not to), other than that, a good night. Maybe the dalt was large enough, although I did also throw in 50mg V3
  9. Well last night, 20mg. No noticeable drug effects, 3 trips to the o2 required. Questions: 1: Does body mass have a bearing on how much is the correct dose. 2: Empty or full stomach, would eating whilst waiting for drug to kickin dilute the effect somewhat? 3: Will the door now be shut for 5 days 4: Any easy way to check if what I have is right?
  10. I tried this 5 days ago, and actually felt/obtain 1 maybe 2 PF nights, not on the first night, but the second - but 3rd had ghost and 4th and 5th it was back to waking every 2 hours. Possibly, my dose was low and ineffective (tried to get 15mg, but could have been as low as 10mg due to scales issue). Going to try 20 tonight, but keen to hear any ongoing trials attempts if anyone else is doing this.? Possibly the door was closed (is this possible?), I felt no noticeable effects from the drug. I believe supplied from reputable research site. I mainly CH nightly after about 2 hours asleep, and then have to hit the O2 for 30mins. It has been much worse previously, with full blown day and night attacks. However, mm, has lessened the pain by lots to an annoyance and sleep deprivation only.
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