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    Had it!

    Hey bb, It was my posting on FB and I hope it didn't offend you. It was my way of essentially backdooring the people who are reluctant to try busting. I feel it's a better tack to let people come to a realization on their own (shepherding them a bit maybe). That's why I posed the question the way I did... If you say you've had a K10, then the possible consequences of busting are moot. YOU WILL DO WHAT IT TAKES. I'm sure most if not all of us on here in the beginning faced that horrific question while in the throes of the beast, 'what if this doesn't stop???' Busting has been for me, like most here, my savior. I attribute that to everyone here, yourself included bb, and for that I really am eternally grateful. And while I can't show up with a cup of tea at a sufferer's house while he/she is in the middle of a CH, I can try and plant the seeds (no pun intended :) And I agree w/you... the government is killing people. Not only that, they're letting them suffer all the way to the casket. When people respond to the 'why don't you bust' question with "I don't want to go to jail for seven years" I want to scream! Brainwashing and fear mongering. My dad still thinks you're going to turn into a werewolf if you smoke pot thanks to propaganda garbage like Reefer Madness. Again, I hope you were in no way offended, it was well-meaning. Thanks, Mase
  2. I agree with thebb... if you don't detox properly, then dose, and subsequently come to find you got no relief, you might hastily assume that the seeds didn't work... when in reality they weren't given the opportunity to work. Not only that, but if you have so many reservations about the seeds, then why not see if the O2 is adequate first? I understand the pain involved in the interim, but you have to look at it as thought that's the sacrifice he has to make for something that could prove to be a lifesaver!
  3. But it looks like it didn't get many reads over there in relative obscurity. My question was: has there been any anecdotal evidence that MDMA, or MDA, has any effect (similar to that of psilo and LSD) on clusters? I only pose this because after my "sub-hallucinogenic" : mushroom dose the other night I couldn't hep but realize how close the effects of the two were. And yes, I realize that this may have something to do with both of them working on serotonin, but it seemed, I don't know, much deeper than that. Just a thought... anyone? Thanks, Mase
  4. Thanks all for the replies... my sis came thru as usual (she's always trying to get me high lol but she's gonna be disappointed this trip is to be under the radar) so I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get at it tonight. I was under the impression that one wasn't supposed to eat for a while before or after ingesting the shrooms... was I misinformed?
  5. Just wondering as my "supply" gets here tomorrow and I plan on ingesting tomorrow night after the House season finale lol. Any other better suggestions or is that the way to go? PS. Thought it was cool that House actually used LSD to stop a migraine on the show one timeÂ
  6. Bejeeber: I don't have the special fighter pilot edition regulator lol, so I don't get that high of flow... mine only goes to 15 lpm so that's what I use it at (with optimask). Brought my optimask to the ER one time and used their O2 at 25 lpm to similar results (semi-aborted attack in approx. 8-10 mins).
  7. Thanks to all of you who have replied... Unfortuantely shotgunning caffeine/taurine have never yielded positive results for me (sometimes the opposite actually). O2 is second only to the Relpax, but like I said, as the cluster progresses the efficacy decreases dramatically. Bonkers: It was my plan to just go straight to LSD but I seemed to have overestimated my ability to procure lol... apparently I can still get any other, um, "pharmaceutical" (cough cough) here in Vegas, just not THAT. And, curiously enough, there seems to be an RC shortage among all internet Shamans, soooo, it looks like I'm going to go with the 1.5 gm dosage of shrooms that Leslie was kind enough to recommend up above. I shall report back on my results, and again, I really do appreciate all of your help. Thanks again, Mase
  8. potlimit

    Hey all

    Been a lurker/not-so-frequent poster on CH for a while now... always with a curious eyebrow raised in this direction. To make a long story short, I hadn't had an attack in about a year, and I always got a weeks worth of shadow warnings before my clusters. Yesterday I got hit without warning. So here's where I stand: My optimal defenses are O2 and Relpax, however, the efficacy of both decreases substantially as a cluster progresses. For example, I can typically split a 40mg Relpax in half and that will almost completely get rid of my first couple week's attacks. But by the end of the second month I'm lucky if a whole pill aborts it for more than 2 hours. So coupled with this latest development of "no shadow warning" I'm a bit nervous this isn't going to be my typical attack. I'm now willing to do whatever. Here's my question (and please, I read and research plenty, so kindly withhold any 'do your research comments'): Shrooms, LSD or RC seeds, or two or three in tandem? I'm simply looking for everyone's opinion. I'm willing to put up with the usual laundry list of side effects, but if I'm going to do this I'd rather just give it my best shot first. All input is greatly appreciated, and I thank everyone in advance for their time. Thanks Mase
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