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  1. I've installed the app on my wifes phone. It seems to give me a sort of a virus...... don't want to be rude but it looks like something keeps on tapping on the screen and opening things. I could run through it a bit, nicely made app but with a different setup as I have in mind. Still to much buttons to tap before I have a registration. I have deleted the app for now and will ask the builder if it is a known problem to see if he can solve it and I will install it again to take a closer look. But I'm seeking something easier than this app. I only want to press a button to make a registration, noting else, because when I am in a bad state, I can't do anything more than tap a button.
  2. Hi, Nice, I will check it out. I have an Iphone but I will arrange a android phone to check it out. Meaby we can join forces if the setup is the same. I'll let you know. Other thing is that I notice that the iPhone users can't install the app. So I'm forced to publish the app in the app store. I will do this in the beginning of September. If there are people that are interested in updates please send an email to registrateyourjourney@gmail.com and I will inform you if I have an update, question about buttons to add or other things.
  3. I have tried the same on some iPhones of friends of mine and the download of the app doesn't work indeed. Tomorrow ill try to contact my programmer and see if we can give an other way to download the app. anyway. I was thinking something else: Everybody need to keep in mind that this is just the first version. Meaning it has limited options. Meaning that a backup of the registrations is not yet arranged.
  4. Hi, I notice the same on a dutch forum were I have placed the download. I'll check it when I can and provide you with an other download. Are there Android users that encouter problems? You do need to ajust a setting that you accept apps from outside the google play store.
  5. Hi everybody, Finally I have a first simple setup ready. Hope you will like it so far. I know its just the basic at the moment but we will go on and I will keep you all informed. http://totdesign.nl/first-setup-app-registrate-your-journey/
  6. Nice Mle, I will keep this in mind. I've added some buttons already, more then described above. I will finish the setup and place it online. Your remarks will not be added because I want to share the app before I go on holiday The basic idea: Easy way to registrate our Journeys as complete as possible
  7. Hi everybody, We are getting some progress. I have almost finished a first setup of the registration app. I hope I can Post a downloadlink this week. I will start with a downloadlink directly from Adobe Phonegap, the system we use to build the app. Just to save money because publishing it on Itunes and Google play will cost me around €200,- I will add a way to contact me through the app and I would love to hear if you are using the app, to know who is using it and to know what your experience will be with it. You can also use the contact to ask me anything or request new buttons because this first setup will be a basic one.
  8. Thanks...... Good remarks, especially the one about sending the docter your intake of MM. I would have no problem with it but I can understand the point. I will take in mind to add a button for coffee, energy drinks, LSD and LSA. I will see if I can add something to add the amount of MM used. I have a milligram scale but I don't know everybody has one that uses MM. The exact time and date will be registrated automaticly when you press the button. Registration of duration and intensity of the attack is done simple. When you feel an attack you press the pain button. This registrates the attack and sets the alarm. After one hour the app will ring the alarm to ask you how heavy it was and how long it took. If the attack is still going on you will have the option to set it for another hour. (in the future I will add settings to change the alarmtime so everybody can ajust it to their needs.) But anyway will I start with a basic app, basic functions. Later on I will add extra funtions to it depending on the experience of the users. The same for sending the data to the docters or to clusterbusters.com so you can also collect data from users to use for research. And if I do I will add the option to send without personal data like name etc, to send without the alternative treatments like MM or send it complete.
  9. Hi everybody, Hope more people will like the setup. My programmer is starting to build a first impression of the app. As soon as I have a first working model, I will place a link to it online. First I will publish it outside the Google Play and Itunes so everybody can download it to see if the basics work. We wil l start with the simple setup with some fixed buttons. My idea is to start with the following ones: Pain (with alarm to ask how bad the pain was) MM intake Medicine (with option to label what kind of medicine) Vit D Intake (with option to add the amount) Are there more buttons you would like to see added as we start?
  10. Hi, I'm walking around already for a long time with the idea to make a pain registration App to help us registrate our attacks, treatements, medicine use, use of mushrooms or other therapies. My Problem: My docter told me to make a diary of all my attacks so he could see how I was doing. through the years I've seen a lot of Doctors and a lot of them asked the same from me. Problem always is that it takes a lot of time for the doctor to see my attacks and to get a clear view of when I have more and when less. So I started to make a excel sheet with all dates of the year. Like that the doctor had an easier view of my attacks. I've also added my intake of medicine, MM use, Vit D, Therapies I did. So the doctor already got a more clear view of my attacks and related things. Problem for me was that I had problems filling the excel. The Diary I had next to my O2, so I could fill it in directly. The excel I had on the computer, so I had to fill it in later. Because of the pain, meaby an other attack or what so ever I got a lot of holes in my excel. So I Started to look for apps to keep track of everything. Problem with these is that they gave me a whole list to fill- in with every attack I had. How much pain, were, did you take medicine, did you see a therapist, did you.... all kins of things that weren't connected to the thing I wanted to registrate. My pain at the moment I have it. My medicine use, at the moment I took something. My MM use, when I took those. My Idea: My Idea is very simple. Lets make an app for us. An app that only has a few butons. One for pain, one for medicine, one for therapy and one for MM use By just tapping the button a registration is made of that item on a timeline. Use personal or share with Doctor or Clusterbusters.com We could add a option to the app that we can send this info to our doctor or to clusterbusters.com to help understanding the things we do and help research. Or...you can keep it private if you would like. I've add two screenshots of how the app could look like. I'm self employed and the nice thing is that I just got myself a emplye. One that is starting to explore the app-world for me. I'm also willing to let him work on this app in the office hours but I need help. He is starting building an app for me but still needs to learn. What would I like: Some feedback of clusterbusters.com and members to know if they also think this could help us killing the beast Feedback of information that is important to collect People that have the time and energy to help building the app, designing it. Extra: I know we are all different, but I also would like to add people that have other kinds of headaches. Meaby our shared data will bring us more result than only looking at ours.
  11. well, next day. I had some more stings in the mourning. It seems to kill the pain and attach for a while but after a few hours its all back AGAIN. Difference this night was that the pain in the neck was less. It were mainly attacks were the nerves in the face exploded. My muscles are doing well on the other side. even though I had a lot off attacks and pain in shoulder my neck, shoulder and muscles on my back are pretty relaxed, no pain.
  12. Well I had to stay awake aswell. Bad Night. At midday my friend the beekeeper came by wile I had an attack. We descided to set 3 more bee stings, now under the scull were all bad comes from. 5 minlater without pain, Even the pain in my face became less, the nerve less sensitive. At eleven at night I went to hem and got 3 more just to see if this can get me through the night. Ive been reading about therapies that do this, but I can´t find anything about CH I try not to use medicine, I try to survive on O2, but a naturl pain killer is something I would prefer, no side effects except the sting offcourse, but that seems to get less over time. I keep you posted
  13. O, my muscles on the back and the shoulder, were I had a beesting yesterday, are feeling lots better. I did had attacks today but the burning feeling on those spots were gone. Tomorrow I´m gone get one in my neck, on the right side. I have one muscle there that seems connecten to the shoulder one and the back of my head, that is still burning.
  14. the Caffeine i´ve tried a lot of times with different effects or not even sure if the effects were of the caffeine. I even had asperine with high dosis of caffeine. Problem always is, is it working or am I just PF. I can check the Benadryl don´t know if they have it here in Spain, it is beginning of summer so pollen are active. But I like to look more into the fact that I have low vit D levels, I live in Spain, in the country side, lots of sun....... Why is my vit D so low. Talking another medicine would be an option but I prefer to get medicine free. But, do more people have the same pain in the back of the head aswell, used magnetism therapy or experiences with bee stings
  15. Back again after a good wile. Last time I signed in the Vitamin D treatement killed the attacks quickly (huge dosis killing the pain the next day) Now I´m back to bad and the vitamin D doesn´t work at the moment. I also use the Mushrooms every 5 days now (done 3 dosis of 2,5 gram dried mushrooms) Still in pain and I even had to inject myself again with Sumatriptán because I was so tiered of all the attacks. I have around three at night and about 4-6 during the day. Not all heavy of the highest level but some are. I try to stay of the medicine because I know that I had more and heavier attacks when I was talking the injections, I try to cope with O2 and just press the pause button. Sometime I just can´t coop anymore and get myself an injection. Were do you have the pain, Only face or neck aswell I have a question about the pain others have. Mine is on the right side of the face and burns and bangs hard, but a lot af pain also comes from the neck. I just feel something making a lot of pressure over there, am I the only one? Heavy pain in shoulder and upper back and bee stings I also have a lot of pain in the upper back, my shoulders and one side of my neck. I think this is caused by the ongoing attacks and the muscle tension going up. Its like a burning pain in the muscles. Last night I had a friend over, a bee keeper. He let some bees sting my upper back and shoulder. I also had my normal attacks during the night and noticed that the burning feeling, in the muscles that were stung, was gone. Untill now. Is there somebody who tried bee stings? Last point, Magnetism treatement Haven´t done it yet but are there people who have tried this?
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