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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, I'm walking around already for a long time with the idea to make a pain registration App to help us registrate our attacks, treatements, medicine use, use of mushrooms or other therapies. My Problem: My docter told me to make a diary of all my attacks so he could see how I was doing. through the years I've seen a lot of Doctors and a lot of them asked the same from me. Problem always is that it takes a lot of time for the doctor to see my attacks and to get a clear view of when I have more and when less. So I started to make a excel sheet with all dates of the year. Like that the doctor had an easier view of my attacks. I've also added my intake of medicine, MM use, Vit D, Therapies I did. So the doctor already got a more clear view of my attacks and related things. Problem for me was that I had problems filling the excel. The Diary I had next to my O2, so I could fill it in directly. The excel I had on the computer, so I had to fill it in later. Because of the pain, meaby an other attack or what so ever I got a lot of holes in my excel. So I Started to look for apps to keep track of everything. Problem with these is that they gave me a whole list to fill- in with every attack I had. How much pain, were, did you take medicine, did you see a therapist, did you.... all kins of things that weren't connected to the thing I wanted to registrate. My pain at the moment I have it. My medicine use, at the moment I took something. My MM use, when I took those. My Idea: My Idea is very simple. Lets make an app for us. An app that only has a few butons. One for pain, one for medicine, one for therapy and one for MM use By just tapping the button a registration is made of that item on a timeline. Use personal or share with Doctor or Clusterbusters.com We could add a option to the app that we can send this info to our doctor or to clusterbusters.com to help understanding the things we do and help research. Or...you can keep it private if you would like. I've add two screenshots of how the app could look like. I'm self employed and the nice thing is that I just got myself a emplye. One that is starting to explore the app-world for me. I'm also willing to let him work on this app in the office hours but I need help. He is starting building an app for me but still needs to learn. What would I like: Some feedback of clusterbusters.com and members to know if they also think this could help us killing the beast Feedback of information that is important to collect People that have the time and energy to help building the app, designing it. Extra: I know we are all different, but I also would like to add people that have other kinds of headaches. Meaby our shared data will bring us more result than only looking at ours.
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