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  1. Hi Everyone I also do mine in my arm Sorry i'd say mor now but i got one now and it's really hard to think i'll revise in a bit
  2. Hello That Hurts my Head I have noticed that unfortunately and i only have to make 1 more year and then i really don't care any more. Not saying i'd do anything stupid but my son is in 11 grade at 15 and i hope he gets into collage and i have been trying busting but to no success i had done 3 oz of fresh in 2 days and nothing a little weird. I have no built up tolerance so to speak of if you count occasional binges back in the 80's. And i have 38 grams of fresh that I'm drying to see if that works better. It suppose to be a good strain cub arg but I'm sill having bad attacks and I'm really s
  3. Well i had some luck with the growing but had done 1 oz and nothing the ch still occurred i had read that you need to be off off your meds for 5 days thats tough to do when the bad ones come but what about doing them when the cycle is over i hope mine is been 2 days PF and just did 12 grams fresh. and should get maybe 3 oz in a few days and some taz in a few weeks along with some cam to. So what to do take them while the cycle is over Austin
  4. Hi CH Father Actually i think my cycle is over so in a feeble attempt to deal with it i had to get the concentrator because they wouldn't give me the tank and that only had a 5l valve but i had a 15 l valve i changed it but i really hadn't had any bad ones for a few days so i don't know if it worked or not know what i mean. Also i just got 2gr of arg cub's mushrooms that i also did so hopefully they will be gone. So i can at least eat a decent meal for ounce. Hopefully they are over close to 4 months this time and really bad with the heart issues i had been getting. It would be nice if th
  5. Hay JMS I get that chest feeling and it sucks along with being unable to breath the o2 is the only way sorry to hear you get these I'm on my 23 year and 3+ months into this cycle. I just got this setup for $110 bucks a month with refills on the o2 last night had been the only night i actually slept in 3+ months Take care and be well A
  6. Hi Bejeeber. Thanks I think i may have tonight ready because i got some o2 . I really hope so because I'm really tired and hungry I can't eat anything when i get the cycle and already lost 15 lbs in the past 3+ months not good when you 6'1" and only 180 in the first place and have to work all day. And i think the reason why i only got 1 the night before last was because i was on O2 in the ER. I had O2 before but after 2 weeks it stops and i pray to God it will work tonight because last night was literately HELL [smiley=evil.gif] And you commented that the people that have gotten thes
  7. Hello This is a re post i had posted already on another forum. And these CH are really really bad now. I have a friend in Colorado that can get some of those mushroom mentioned and i'll be going their as soon as i get the info on how much i need to stop this current attack even tho this cycle has been going on for the past 3+ months but just recently it's much much worse. Please let em know in how many grams of fresh mushrooms are needed thanks Austin Hello You All The past few nights have been a absolute hell on me with these CH. The night before last i had to call EMS because after the
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