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  1. 2-cycles ago I was prescribed DHE to use as an abortive. Came in little glass vials. At the onset of headaches, I couldn't prepare the syringe because of tremors/pain/etc., and because of the syringe, you can't pre-load them and have them waiting (something like the plastic will get into the medicine... Anyway, I started to give myself an injection about an hour before my typical night time attack would arrive. Me, just like you stated, I would be perfectly fine for the next 23-24 hours or so. So, I did this day after day knowing that it wasn't the prescribed or recommended method. It was a nice pf time in the middle of a strong cycle but eventually I became tired of giving myself injections (as well my thighs were tired of getting stuck too). DHE for some has worked wonders with 1 person I know very well actually using it to abort the entire cycle after 2 injections (lucky him). For me, the side effects are too great to over use as a preventive. Now, I'm onto other things.
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