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  1. Hi!! The experience lasted very very short i would say, around 15 min top maybe.Not longer. I don`t think it was that bizarre as described around on the internet, but it`s intensity was quite something. i`m used to long duration LSD trips and also high doses. U can say it was like hours of LSD trip compromised down to 15 min. What also was very surprisingly true after Reading about it was that the effect came more or less IMMEDIATLY after inhalation. I mean you could feel it start in your lungs. Also it was very physical, before you just "blacked out" or disappeard or whatever i can call it. But very pleasent feelings. At one brief moment i remember thinking "could this build up to be a bit to much". Never been thinking that before, but it went away as i was thinking it. I don`t think there`s room for more than the effect itself actually. But i think we need EXTREMELY small doses from this for us to be effctive for CH. So little that one do not need to experience Visuals, not much at least. If it`s not wanted. The good thing with this is that if it is that effectful that it seems, it is really a quick way to bust and no need to fasting etc., simpy do 1 or two inhalation, lay Down for 15 min and life can actually just move on. Not shaken and stirred for days. Wonderful. My shadows are gone, my pain is gone also my nerve pain and i broken the high cycle, hopefully a cycle for the first time in my life and i will continue to experience with different dosages. The goal is to find the smallest dose possible for it to work. Hope your doing well Big hug
  2. Hi you!! Hope everything is fine!! My daughter is a very happy young lady, 13 years now Big hug from me
  3. Hi Long time!! Hope everyone`s life has improved. It`s been a long time, cause my life changed som much after starting with this treatment. But this part here i really wish to share with everyone. I will try keep things short and try not to bore you with to much information. Some of you might remember me, i posted allot around 2011 i think it was. Came in as a chronic with a strong death wish. Went to a progress starting with LSD. Shrooms and RC seeds, stretching it day by day. For the last many years i have only done monthly 65 seeds, after a dose of 2cb Unbelivabel, i know. Sounds to good to be true... I know. It has been a long progress. So, for years CH has been knocked down to just some hits here and there with shadows here and there, but still a cronich "quiet" cycle with highe cycles. More or less unchanged for years. Then shadows almost went away more and more. For the last year or so i noticed several changes. Shadows is back, but in a more periodic form, those pre warning signs is back, in a periodic form. Things like that. It came in my mind i needed to look for a new way to treat it, cause my intuition told me i was done with the other mentioned ways. Now i was looking for something New that could set slap it even further back, i have been ready. Went like this for around a year without a clue, before i all of the sudden got DMT falling down in my lap. I knew this was it. The last time i have been experiencing allot of CH pre signs, hits etc and it did not quiet Down, more the other way around. Today it happened, i tried. It went away around min after inhaling the smoke. Or at least that is what it felt like, i must say i can not really know. What happened was very exactly the same as when the very few times Imitrex injections helps, the same feeling you get as the medicine helps and your hole body and especially chest tightens together. You will know if you had the same feeling. I Felt a pressure from both side of my scull and pop, it was gone! Amazing. Right before i first got CH i had a "near death" experience. I slept in from a huge blood loss at the hospital. This experience was surprisingly a good, loving, very warm feeling as i felt pressure down as i went out of my body and total darkness, a bright bright light came and made a tunnel towards Extreme Bright light and warming feeling. I could not move or speak, i was just there in consciousness somewhere, but could still hear but not respond. It felt so good. In the end i heard my name over and over again and i needed to take a choice to go back or not. It needed tremendous effort to get a grip and og back. When i did, i sort of woke up in a snap. Todays experience was exactly the same. How strange. You may think i am a "hippi" etc, i really am not. This just happened to happen to me as i treated my CH. There is more to the experience itself, but i`ll leave it out from here, cause it`s not needed to tell how it worked for my CH. It will be interestig to see how long the effect will last and where it brings me Love and light to all from me Tingeling
  4. BTW, i have New email adress. For you that i do not have on Facebook. search for Siveliv Eliv and add me. Cassidy, if you read this pleas pm me so i can get your email adr :-)
  5. Well i still doing crossfit, but i changed my programming to a more serious program that involves more Power, strenght and speed. The man making the program is John Wellbourne, think that is a known name in the states, he played american football. So no more crossfit competitions before i reached my goals Actually this training is a part of my own treatment. Physical Activity helps the condition and i always got better but i went training in the afternoon. Movements need the Central nervous system to react and respond the right way, as i felt this helped the CH sysmptoms my thought was that it must be a benefit to awaken the CNS much earlier in the morning so i would benefit from it all day. So i started doing my training in the morning and it gave results. From there i went further. What i say now may provoke some, but for me at this time it`s the right thing to do. As i removed and avoided triggers like onions, certain smells etc etc list goes on forever really, i felt like i was improving myself and i was for awhile BUT when you do this you train Your brain to make nerve pattersn that make Your CNS og bananarama everytime you see a onions and bam, you make it go from a smell trigger to a "i see it with my eyes trigger" by time cause it will repeat and repeat every time you see a onion or whatever and you will program Your brain to react to this thing. And in the end you will end up having a body super sensitiv With a CNS that is alerted by it`s enviroment. I`m not saying i think every trigger can be removed, but i do believe and have experienced that the trigger factor can be lowered. For ex, take onion, couldn`t peel a onion without getting "the Worm" or droopy eye, heavy shadow, full blown attack. Now i eat onion in my dinner at least once a week. But f eex by now i gave up on white garlic for now. Not saying this is the right thing for everyone.¨But for me i find myself a place where i feel very secure and i feel safe so it`s right for me at this point. But it has been a long process to come here. What i`m saying is that i`m trying to reprogram my brain and CNS to not let the CH be in command. This treatment started this, it comes in different phases, i`m now in a more mental working phase I always think of you folks in here, always. This is where my life started again I`m very Grateful and i never forget it My daughter is doing great and showing no signs of CH thank you higher Power! Now tell me how all of you are doing?
  6. Hi everyone ;D How are you all?! Hope everyone had some improvement since last time we spoke I would really like everyone to update me on their life, please tell me For you who know me, you know how sick i was when i first arrived here. It`s now around 4 years ago. I remember Flash once said that treatment keeps improving year after year and you know what that is SO true! It just kept improving and improving and for the last couple of years CH has not been controling my life in any way. Even the "worm" and other warnings signals or whatever people call them has been less and less. I rarely have them now. Haven`t used meds for years, not even O2, only 65 RC seeds once a month, amino acids daily and actually Creatin some periods along with something i consider a healthy lifestyle. Looooving life So much love and PFW from me Tingeling
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