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  1. Interesting. Apologies if I'm stating the obvious, but I've always seen a clear link between sleep and headaches - the way it works for me - if I get too much stress and nowhere near enough sleep, then headaches will follow if I'm in cycle, regardless of "meds". Assume this is probably the case for many of us...
  2. Think I'll stick with the "alternative" treatment then and hope bromo- becomes available soon.
  3. One of the joys of living in England; but as you say, sounds like another piece of the puzzle rather than the picture on the box...
  4. Yes. I remember the news at the time. He seemed a most unreasonable man. Who on earth would think that science and reality are more important than ideology? ;D Anyhow - thoughts on how I sign up? Anybody got a contact? Tom. P.S. When I say I live nearby, I mean the Bristol half of it...
  5. Interesting. I live very near. Would be interesting to see if they need a "subject".
  6. Anybody seen this article? http://news.bbc.co.uk/go/rss/-/1/hi/health/10577609.stm Did a quick search here on the word botox and got no results, so hopefully I'm not posting old news Just wondering whether it might help with CH. Thoughts?
  7. Stuff: 2 x 400g tin chopped organic tomatoes 6-8 bird eye chillies (strong) 4 garlic cloves peeled 7cm piece fresh ginger peeled chopped (feel free to use more) 1.5 tbsp light soy sauce 120ml red wine vinegar 375g soft light brown sugar * must be!* 12-20 cardamom pods - split them, remove the seeds and discard the husks. Crush the seeds. You can do this happily when watching TV. 70g raisins I tend to make 4 "recipes" at once (but I have a very big pan) as this lets me make lots of jars. They're generally demanded as Birthday or Christmas presents. Do: Tin tom
  8. BBQ sauce? I wonder which ingredient causes the problem... If you have a hankering for that sort of thing, I can give you an absolutely magic recipe for Chilli Jam (and it's never caused me a problem) :
  9. Ok, ignore the obvious - alcohol. I'm interested in what else can set off a cluster for you. For me, occasionally (even when out of cycle), I have a severe (cluster) reaction to random greasy foods, and I'm working on the theory that I may be allergic to some kind of cooking oil, so curious as to whether any others having the same sort of problems. Let's do some collective research...
  10. tom

    Long Night

    Hi J, I don't know what to say other than hang on in there and get medical help asap. I see it's a week since you posted this message so perhaps you could let us know whether you're OK. Sorry for not replying sooner.
  11. tom


    Hi all, Long term ECH sufferer, finally decided to register so I thought I'd introduce myself and say Hi. Cheers, Tom.
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