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  1. Hello every body! first of all thank you very much for the adwice that you gave me a will ago... you were right, of course, the truffles did not works....I was not detox! so after I read all your advice, I decided to tackle the terrible five days! I began to split syringes of Imitrex 6 mg, in 2 syringes of 3 mg... and it works perfectly. ( ) Instead of taking 18mg per day (3 episode per day), I only took 8mg ... and this was already an achievement! I was taking also 240mg of Verapamil a day, and in one month I was able to reduce in one 40mg pill in the evening ... Unfortunately
  2. http://ck-wissen.de/ckwiki/images/1/14/IHS_IHC_2009_BOL_Halpern.pdf the BROMO research by TORSEN PASSIE and JHON HALPERN
  3. MJ, BEJEEBER, HIPSHOT, ALLEYOOP first of all thanks for the answers! I did not think that Imigran and verapamil could reverse the effect of psilocybin .... I now understand why it did not work .... I started at the psillocibina a week after the crisis began, and then I came to truffles I was already intoxicated by Verapamil and 10 injections of Imigran... at least .... I suppose I should detox, as ALLEYOOP suggested, of course, the idea of spending five days without injections terrifies me as you can imagine .... Oxygen does not make me overcome the crisis .... oxygen does not h
  4. Hello everyone, my name is Val, and I suffer from 27 years of CH. First of all sorry for my bad english I'm writing you from Italy! Like many of you, have tried everything out there, to try to have a normal life, and have been visited by neurologists in three different continents .... but no one has ever given me hope for a cure. In averaged I have 1 / 2 day crisis a day, and when I get K9/10 I take Imigran 6mg (every nights) and some time for a period (4 months) I take Verapamil, which makes me feel really bad ... like a zombie! When I learned about Cluster Buster and the research,
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