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  1. I am 42 years, 183cm, 70 kilo, and had CH periodic since my late 20s. I never smoked (cigarettes or pot) I have never been a heavy drinker or drug user. No head injuries and no history of CH in my family. Have no idea why I got hit by this...
  2. Tried ginger powder three times now when the ache is approaching and it seems to work pretty well. It goes up to about kip 2-2,5 and then dissapears after a while, must be the ginger that does it. Will continue to try it out... Thanks a lot BobbÂ
  3. The translations seems pretty much spot on. Never thought that about GoogleÂ
  4. Nya anslag till forskning om mystisk huvudvärk En stor donation möjliggör utbyggnad av ett forskningsprojekt om den mycket smärtsamma sjukdomen Hortons huvudvärk. Orsakerna till Hortons huvudvärk är fortfarande till stor del okända och kan nu undersökas närmare, samtidigt som man i projektet ska utveckla en ny behandlingsmetod mot de intensiva smärtattackerna. Rune Andersson, grundare och styrelseordförande av koncernen Mellby Gård, donerar närmare 6 miljoner kronor till Hjärnfonden och forskning kring Hortons. Hans donation kommer att gå till en forskargrupp under ledning
  5. I am also the only one I know in my family and relatives that has CH. I don´t know why I got it, I never had any injury or anything. It just came when I was in my late 20s. Also curious if most of you are healthy and well besides CH? I am never sick, never have a cold, bad stomach or anything. The only thing I have is CH (periodic).
  6. Hi I am new here and read all over about KIP. As I understand it is a scale of pain where 10 is the highest amount of pain to experience, right? What does KIP stand for and what are the levels of pain? For example how painful is a kip 5? Is it referred to the amount of maximum pain in a specific attack or does it describe when the pain starts til it ends during a hit? Sorry for all these questions but I just want to understand it right when I read the threds.
  7. Thanks for the answers. So far I have only experienced that alcohol trigs my ache. For a long time I did not want to see that it really did as I am very found of good beer (IPA, stout etc) but now I take a white period when I´m in a cycle. I don´t eat chocolate or artificial sweeteners so I don´t know how it would affect me and onions have´nt trigged an attack for me yet. I can really imagine that it must have been really difficult back in the 80s to be understood how painful this really is. When I got my first attacks in mid 90s I was put on several medicines (and also a scan of my
  8. Have a question of what to avoid during a period of cluster headache. As I have understood alcohol can trig an attack, right? So should you avoid to drink alcohol totally during a period? Is there anything else you should avoid? Doctors here (in Sweden) seems to know almost nothing about this headache, it feels like you have to educate them in this matter.
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