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    Welcome! Sorry you had to find us but, this is the place to be for clusterheads. You'll find all the information you can handle and even some videos that are like looking in a mirror for most. As you will see, you are never alone here. It doesn't matter what time of day or night, somebody is here to listen and advise or just listen to a rant. Please don't be afraid to ask any questions you may have. There are no stupid ones. Mad6string
  2. I would stay away from any alcohol if I were you. It's a known trigger for most clusterheads. I avoid that stuff like the plague. Mad6
  3. We're sending big hugs back to you Ting! All will be back to normal soon. :) Mad6string
  4. The shrooms won't knock them out right away. It will take a couple of days before they taper off. In fact, you will probably see an increase of activity for the first day or so. Just want to prepare you, not scare you. Mad6string
  5. Triptans tend to stay with you a little longer than other abortives. For me, it took 2 weeks to get them out enough for the alts to work. I wouldn't give up on the mushies just yet. Remember that they don't work over night as well. It's not like a light switch. The activity will taper off and then stop. Mad6string
  6. I think I would move on to the mushies as well. The track record is a lot better and, no harmful side effects. masd6string
  7. Welcome, Please read, read, read, and read some more. We are always here to answer questions and be a shoulder. There's big hope here and we have plenty to spare. I hope you find relief as I have and look forward to your success story. Mad6string
  8. I would go see a specialist. It sounds to me like you have some cluster activity. Does it happen at random times or is it more of a consistent thing. Clusters seem to come on in a hurry and go away just as fast. You may have one once a week or 4 a day or more. Can you explain your symptoms more? Mad6string
  9. The new year brings with it a fresh start to so many things. You don't know what doors are going to close or open up in our lives. For instance, 2 years ago I was a basket case clusterhead running on fumes and no hope in sight. Now, with the help of all my family here, I have been 99% PAIN FREE for almost 18 months. I look forward to the many great things I'm going to experience (good or bad) without the fear of an attack ruining or making things worse than they have to be. You just don't know what is going to transpire to make that life altering change. NEVER GIVE UP Happy New Year to all. Mad6string
  10. I used to get a rogue hit every once in while but those subsided the longer I busted. I'm not saying to abort the bust buy any means, just saying that I think you'll find that they stop doing that after awhile. I don't think I would tempt fate with the alcohol though. mad6string
  11. Ditto on the O2. It will help with the detox and getting prepared to bust, if that's the path you choose. Welders oxygen is the cheapest and fastest way to get relief. Remember to not tell them you are using it for clusters. Tell them you are doing some home fab on a project or nothing at all. You can get a regulator from the link in top left tab on this page. You need to read and understand as much info as you can before making any decisions though. Knowledge is power and you need to empower yourself to have the best chance to beat this horrible condition. Read and understand as much as you can and ask questions about the stuff you don't. Remember, there are NO stupid questions. If you don't ask then, you won't know. PF thoughts headed your way. Merry Christmas! Mad6string
  12. I hope everyone is having a great Christmas. You are all in our hearts a prayers. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! Mad6string
  13. I watched the National Geographic Explorer episode "Inside LSD" last night. I've seen it before but, for those of you that hadn't, you can probably get it on-line. It also has a great interview with Dr. Halpern. It goes further in depth about clusters and the work that's being done to stop them. I'm still amazed at Bromo and the outstanding results it produces. One day it will be as simple as a trip to the doctor for a headcold. Mad6string
  14. I wonder if people are getting to aggressive with the bust? I don't know if you can over medicate with our treatment but, maybe to much is a bad thing as well. I know I had to find my dose that would work for me and it's been pretty smooth since. I also wonder if the two could be blocking each other somehow. Two different chemicals fighting for the same receptors? Just some thoughts I have. Mad6string
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