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  1. I’ve been episodic for 14 years. Been micro dosing shrooms for the last 8. Been very helpful. Doesn’t eliminate my cycle but changes it. They have been shorter cycles since the regimen began. I’m 4 weeks typically now instead of 6-8 weeks that I was for 7 years before I discovered this wonderful website. My cycle started 2 weeks ago. Normal pattern. Soon as I go into rem I awake to a kip 5. That’s how they usually start. Then they come before I fall asleep and increase in intensity. Strong coffee and ice is my go to. If I’m lucky I can abort before they grab hold. It’s hit and miss. I was at
  2. I see members birthdays. How bout a calendar for ECH cycles. My assumption is, like me , sufferers are all over this forum when they are in pain..looking, praying for the latest. Then their cycle breaks (the lucky ones) and they are gone....they go back...drinking again, D3 falls off....etc etc. Im assuming some of these regimens should be followed all the time? Or maybe we should be ramping up 1 month, 2 months prior to our cycle? I started getting 'scared' in september knowing my cycle starts in oct, so I came to this forum..actually provided an email and "logged in". It was then tha
  3. slam some botox into that shit....wont even have to think about being able to raise your eyebrow! Hey....I KNOW I have aborted a CH MENTALLY!!...but its a dangerous practise..cause when it doesn't abort I've let the beast in too deep....and its hard to catch up, as we all know Gord
  4. Zomig works for me just like Brad describes..but I feel like I went 3 rounds with Tyson the next day. my last cycle 12 months ago..I used 02 and zomig. As my attacks were "clockwork" i could use zomig orally in a pill, not the nasal inhaler..and get out in front of it. I would suffer for 20min at K7-10 and then subside. Thanks to this site, I started with Red Bull this cycle and it worked for me! I was on holiday, no 02...but the red bull worked! I found some shrooms..had a very pleasant evening, and then the worse attack an hour after going to sleep, that the red bull wouldnt touch! I snor
  5. Thanks for having me...wish I wasnt here!! lol... What a difference a year makes! Suffered alone for 5 years then found you guys! Now Im not alone, I battle the beast with support..what a difference!! All the best! Gord
  6. Hi, New to the forum....you guys have changed my CH life!! I have been able to get shrooms but would like to grow my own. any issues ordering kits into canada? Are there Canadian suppliers? It seems people have better luck with some than others.. any fellow canucks have any insight? Cheers, Gord
  7. 6 yr ECH sufferer here....self diagnosed last year. After so many years of WTF! Had tried accupunture, massage, chiro, etc. ECH started after having my neck rebuilt after an accident. I would be having treatments..and my cycle would stop and Id think..Cool..this is the cure. Then 12 months later beast would return, would try same treatment and nothing. Then I found you guys!!! I read this forum as a guest..so didnt get all the goods!! Went to my doc (who knew nothing)...got O2 (cause I read it here) and zomig. I read Suffered thru the cycle..02 didnt work..but the setup I know now wasn
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