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  1. Bummer. They must not have any oxygen tanks in this dystopian version of the post zpoc world.
  2. So, I was cruising the old threads looking for demand valve info, and I thought, shoot I'll just ask everyone what they recommend. I found one without a mask on Ebay for $185. It's a allied healthcare L063-05R. Is that the best price I'm going to find? And I'm wondering how big the quality gap is between the cheaper and "sell an organ for" price range. I'm looking to step up my O2 game. Any and all advice appreciated.
  3. Funny you mention anti seizure drugs. I used to think depakote worked really well for a bit. Now I'm thinking I was just in remission...
  4. BrainStorm


    Seriously Dreamrider, listen to these guys about the O2. Best stuff ever, in my opinion. Aborts attacks relatively fast, and even helps with the dreaded slap backs. In the realm of the CH'er these guys are like Jedi Masters.
  5. I'm not trying to be a jerk, but from a guy who gets both, it sounds like migraines not cluster...
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