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  1. Man I am glad you said something about sound. I have had Chronic Cluster Headaches for twenty years and back then not too many doctors or headaches sufferers knew what to call them or even understand them. Sound without a doubt can trigger my headaches to start or even get worse. But also stress and anxiety for me can make them worse. Sound is a very big trigger for me. I no longer go to concerts, listen to loud music, even going to my church and singing can start them. I can't imagine having kids! I literally use ear plugs made for shooting guns to help me socially. Thanks for sharing, I gu
  2. Hi I am forty eight, male and have intractable chronic cluster headaches for twenty years. I have seen the best specialists in the world and ended up having three full trigeminal rhizotomies that did give me three years of no pain but then ch returned. I have been on the maximum dose of opiates that the FDA will allow for over eight years now. This has managed my pain moderately but how long can I do this. I am on other meds as well prescribed by my neurologist who found gammacore for me. I bought it and have been using it for one week now learning the best position for the best results.
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