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    Is ch linked to dental work?

    I know I don't say much on here, but this I have to answer. I've been chronic for 8 years, was episodic for 5 prior to chronic. I rarely used to get a day off from the beast, and my attacks lasted 3 hrs each, sometimes twice a day. Sumatriptans couldn't cut it because of the rebounds from having to use it every day. Other meds did not work for me. And my blood pressure is always low so I couldn't try that route. My teeth used to constantly make me feel like I wanted to pull them all out. I would go to the dentist to be told nothing was wrong, so I quit going. Two years ago I had a root canal done in the 90's go bad and they decided to take it out. The next year another root canal went bad because the dentist had done it wrong. So a few months ago my new dentist took all my root canals out ( 2 more). Much to my surprise, I am having LESS attacks, even though I'm considered chronic. I get 3 or 4 days with nothing but taking 5 Hr Energy when I feel one coming on that usually aborts it within 30-45 minutes. This is a BIG improvement for me. It has kept me from wanting to go be roadkill. I used to say I was going to go play in traffic because they were so brutal. Now I don't say that. I can live with 3 a week compared to what I used to have. That being said, I do get a migraine type headache that can hang on all day and just gnaw at you at times. Dental does play a big part in your health, and you shouldn't ignore it. Teeth and mouth infections can kill you if let to go too long . It can get in your brain. I'm not advocating anyone do what I did, but I had to speak out and say that it did help me. What is strange is that when I get a real hard banger, I still get some pain where the tooth used to be. I had to get partials for where the teeth are gone now, but by God it was worth it to me not to suffer every day as I did..
  2. SPG Nerve Block?