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  1. Boatman

    Lithium and D3 regimen

    I use imitrex inj. While on lithium. No side affects. Im taking 900 a day also and its not stopping my episodic cycle
  2. Boatman

    Is ch linked to dental work?

    I watched the "Root Cause" on netflix a few weeks ago and it freaked me out because their were claims on our teeth and how it effects our health. Is cronic illness caused by toxcicity and deficiancy? I currently have a cavitity on the same side as my ch and ive also had my wisdom teeth pulled and i know iv also had a root canal. Im just too scared to go to the dentist in my cycle. Ive been looking heavy into this. Some people are claiming the show is bs but are there parts of this that are true? Can mouth infections or toxins from teeth damaging are brain? Does anyone else with ch have issues with teeth that can relate. Also i looked up this Dr. Gerald h Smith from the show and he clams that a cranial adjustment fix a girl with "headache that prevented her from drinking alcohol" what ever that means..