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  1. Lol I actually do all of the above lol. I also, take walks around my neighborhood until the pain has subsided (sometimes I'll have made like 10 trips lol) Wrap a scarf so tight around my head.
  2. Has your cycle ended Boatman? Wow 4 months is a long cycle period. How do you function proper at work? Ive missed two and a half days already and I have to try to make it today.
  3. Hi MoxieGirl! Thank you so much for the quick response! Yes, the Sumatriptan I have is pill form which is probably why it is so unreliable. I have heard the injectable form works a lot better as well and of the benefits of oxygen also. But alas, my doctor only gave me this script for these tabs and a referral to a neuro which happens to be sometime in May :/. So in the interim I must seek relief like so many others, alternative methods. I used to down monsters like candy but lately they had been unsuccessful. I will check out these boards. Again, thank you for the help. Regards.
  4. Hi everyone, I'm new here so please excuse me, just discovered this tonight. I have been suffering with CH for over 10 years and the only thing I have is sumatriptan which takes forever to work and unreliable. I am currently in a two week cycle and have missed enough days of work due to this condition. Can someone please explain to me what "busting" means so that I can try this. I am willing to do anything at this point to prevent and abort these CH. Thank you very much.
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