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  1. How do you move around full size welding tank? How do you have it filled? How do you transport it to have it filled? Do you have extra long oxygen hoses so you could move around the house when needed? I wanted to get bigger ones, but I coudn't figure out an easy way to move them around and down the stairs. That would be nice to have one around without worrying that you run out .
  2. I have a small size M-60 welding tank (32lb)
  3. They certainly are nice , the carts,,,I never had the cart,,SO i was knocking over the E-tanks ,,,,
  4. Those medical E-tank are so light and so easy to knock over. Medical M-tanks are much more difficult to knock over and still pretty light to carry around I never liked E-tanks that much , they gave me just around 40min of 02 . There were times where I used 1 E-tank a day. Welding M-tank is heavy (32lb) , you can move it around with one hand , but they are heavy.
  5. Not actually completing the act ...That is true for me...Masturbation reduces the pain for me .It doesn't stop the CH but it helps . I've never heard someone bringing this topic up before and I was too ashamed to admit it. It reduces the pain level to something more manageable . But after finishing , the pain comes back rapidly. I have a friend who has migraines and she said that it was helping her with pain too and makes migraine less miserable experience.
  6. Let us know please if those nozzles were correct size. I once had a welding regulator but I count find small enough nozzle , so I returned it,,, I went to a supply store with it and an oxygen hose but all the fittings were just too big. If it works for a 1/4" hose that's gonna be really cool , because those medical regulators are more expensive and mine has a minor leak already. Welding regulator might be more durable.
  7. For Welding M-tank 02 I use this Oxygen Regulator Standard Body-CGA540, 0-25 LPM , you can search amazon , because I had hard time finding a correct fitting for 1/4" tubing. SOme people are suggesting as far as going to 40lpm, but 25lpm works for me.
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bGY6hLrQOLA this is the link from youtube I was talking about in regards to keto diet if anyone is interested
  9. Do you have 02 now? And how was your first abort? Did it work? I still remember the very first time it worked for me.
  10. I work from my car basically , so I have an extra set-up there at all times. But if you work in an office environment, just talk to someone in charge and have it there at work 24/7. I think your boss gonna be much happier to see you at work, rather then having to you miss a whole day. If I had any employees I wouldn't mind . My abort times are around 25min,,,sometime I have to go on for 1h , but once I start to breathe 02 (or5min later) I can actually be somewhat productive and even do paperwork , answer emails etc, but I work somewhat alone, so at least I dont't have to answer any questions or deal with crazy looks from strangers who think that I am about to die.
  11. Which "cures" have you had any success with? Even if one time success only. The weird ones
  12. When I first started to have CH , I was trying many stupid cures , mostly as abortives and what is weird, some of them worked 1time and one time only. 1.tigerbalm on my forehead and neck, 2. cayman pepper under my tounge 3. icy cold coke This one still works from time to time as abortive 4. aroma therapy --- drops on the neck and forehead- M-grain 100%pure theraputic grade essential oil blend- from amazon ...........I have forgotten about this one. But this was was about 50% successful as abortive. that was before I knew about 02.
  13. What if one of those "cures" was really an actual cure? One of those totally ridiculous ones,that would be something.
  14. I think he posted it as a curiosity not as a suggestion of an actual cure. It this moment MM and possibly D3 reg, are the only think that help in reduction of CH. Google cure for cancer and I am sure 100's of cures comes up ,some with "scientific proof" there is some research suggesting that KETOdiet helps in reduction of CH, I don't have any link to it, but there is some girl on YT with CH and some doctor talking about it. maybe somone could comment on it if they do keto diet .
  15. I didn't say one traumatic experience would kill you ..But 2-3 a week, ,, If someone told me they could endure repeated amputations with a rusty saw for hours and hours more 2-3 times in their life ,,,that would be the baddest toughest person who ever lived,,,and we are not,,we are just people who are unlucky to have this ,,,It hurts like hell, makes a grown men cry,,,,,but still a mine blowing a soldiers leg is 10 time worst,,,many more nerves are damaged it is just simple biology .....I d rather we focus on treatment then pain level that almost looks like some competition or bragging right. One who doesn't have CH doesn't really care how bad it is,,,their is no need to explain it to them ,,what for,,for pity? Our family members know it's bad ,,but why focus on pain level and its compression to something else ,,,,it's just weird ..
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