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  1. Long shot but it was suggested I ask: Is anyone a patient of Dr Jerry Wei who is currently based out of Swedish in Seattle? thanks
  2. @Racer1_NC this is so smart!!! Kudos to you
  3. Woo not me I take the pain of the hot coffee as a great distraction.
  4. Do you drink caffeine at the same time? I find oxygen works best with an energy drink or I prefer a screaming hot cup of strong coffee. I also use a 15 lpm regulator. I have one that goes to 25, I bought it on Amazon and you might be able to do the same (I’m in the US so not sure on this). I personally am afraid to use it because my oxygen company was very clear about not using anything except what they give me and if they ever found out and I lost the tank I would be in shambles. I find I have to stand to get the oxygen to work well. Deep breathing using my diaphragm to empty the entire bags worth of o2 deep into my lungs and then slowly exhale trying to match the speed of the bag refilling. And at the end I lean/crunch forward to try and push as much air out of my lungs as possible. This is what I finds works for me. Hopefully someone on here will chime in and link the video because I do believe there is a video somewhere of a breathing technique. Also time is of the essence. I can almost never get rid of one past a certain point either.
  5. Me again, the joy…. no official headache yet but in a bit of a panic. So, I started exercising heavily earlier in the year and it’s been great except I occasionally will get a migraine during or right after cardio. I had migraines with aura frequently in jr high/ high school and they all but stopped when the CH started when I was 19. Maybe once a year in the last 14 years, up until recently (6 in 4 months) Anyhoo, I had a follow up with my neuro regarding my CH in dec-Jan earlier this year and told her about the migraines. She told me to try rizatriptan. Tried it for the first time on Friday, it didn’t do much for my migraine but ever since then I have had some very clustery type feelings. Feeling like I want to crack my neck, stabby around the eyeball, y’all know….FML. Have been panic microdosing and then tonight realized that’s not doing me any good after a triptan (learned about 15 years ago most triptans did nothing for my CH so that tidbit never stuck around my memory). Taking some extra d3 and think I’m going to get my levels checked tomorrow. what do I do?! What have I done?!
  6. Vajenna


    I’m usually on here looking for help and don’t consider myself qualified enough to give any advice out but I will say busting never worked for me either. It would kill a single headache but it would never end the cluster. The D3 regimen is the only thing that bought me A LOT of time (9 mo tops between without; 3+ years between after D3). Benadryl helps. Message Batch please, he is so helpful, smart, and kind. Wishing you the best
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