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    New Cluster Headache Research Study - Science 37

    Columbus Ohio never gets study’s.
  2. Hello my fellow sufferers.  I’m sure you have all heard and gone through what I am about to list for yourselves.  I hope this is the right platform for this. My C.H. Started two weeks after dental surgery around 2005-06. It took a good year and a half to two years to get properly diagnosed. I am chronic and very desperate for relief.

    I have been through the whole gamut of Preventatives, injections, treatments, Abortive, diets and vitamin  regiments  with little to no  relief.  I’ve done so many different drugs I forget what some of them were. Sometimes oxygen, Imitrex  or a half to 1.5 hour fast paced left-hand turn only walk will abort for me.  Lithium gave me almost a year of relief until recently it just stopped working.  I consider going from chronic to episodes relief, isn’t that funny. Most of my hits begin within an hour after falling asleep then every hour on the hour after falling back asleep until about four in the morning. Six to eight hits a night almost every single night. At that point I get up and drag myself to work. Sometimes after the first hit of the night I don’t go back to sleep or try to because I’m to scared to.

    I’m in my mid 50’s now and so so f_ing tired of it. Thank god my girlfriend has stuck by my side without a flinch throughout this whole drama. Any advice is greatly needed and appreciate. 


    Ohio Dave