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  1. Just wanted to say Thank You for everyone here. Last February 6th I started the roughest cycle I had ever been through in 17 years of dealing with Clusters and everyone here was nice enough to help me get through it. My mind did wander to some bad places during that cycle and it no longer does as the wisdom of this group brought me to the right place. Thank You for all you do.
  2. Thanks for all the help and responses. I have an appointment with Dr. Kim at Miami Valley South in May. He comes pretty highly recommended. Trying to get the appointment pushed up, stopped by his office while I was having a cluster attack. His staff was helpful
  3. Hi Everyone Just wanted to see if anyone had a recommendation for a neurologist in the Dayton Ohio area. Thanks. Appreciate any good or bad experiences
  4. I got too much d from the sun and it turned into skin cancer. That's out now which is great. Got my Melatonin in and waiting to see if there is peace tonight or a red bull and immitrex late night supper
  5. Thanks for the reply. Agreed on getting a better doctor. I like the comment about getting your D3 Exposure from the sunshine. I was in for surgery as I had too much sunshine and needed to get a couple parts cut out due to too much sun. My wife thought since they took some lymph nodes, maybe that caused it but maybe the ansethesia. I will get my D3 wearing a shirt and big hat
  6. Hi Mark Sorry to hear. I went in for surgery on the 6th, got knocked out, and cycle started on the 9th. I wonder if it is due to the anesthesia? How has the Emgality worked?
  7. Hi All Just recently started a new cycle last Sunday. Attacks coming at 8:30 and 12:30 pm. I am on veperamil and D3 Regime also take Melatonin and God bless red bull. My doctor I am still educating on Oxygen. Thinking cycle started due to sleep disruptions, had major surgery on 2-6 and doctor had me stop d-3 regime on 1-31, attacks started Sunday 2-9. Really couldn't move 2-7, 2-8, 2-9 and slept most of the day. I have been busting 1st attack with red bull, good results on that. 2nd attack at 12:30 has been brutal , using immitrex oral, ice, keeping night watch at my house, clockwork build up, running out of bed. I dont care for Imitrex, but seems to be only solution. How many red bull cans are safe with 480 mil of veperamil. Can I load up on Veperamil to bust cycle? My doctor has me on 240 mil a day. In the past I have lucked out taking 4 verapamil to fend off a cycle, never tried busting with it. Any advice appreciated, tried Draminine last night to not go into Rem sleep, didnt work. I loaded up on D3 yesterday to get my balance back and took 50,000 iu's today, why not
  8. Thanks all for the good advice CHFather- I also brought the doc the D3 Regime that I have been taking earlier this month and I did make him read it, as he glanced at it and gave it right back. After reading, he encouraged me to keep taking it. I am going to the Welding Supply store to take care of the O2 Tank. Have been on D3 regime since October. Will Load up tomorrow. The only thing I haven't taken is the boron and I will keep looking for it. Thanks again
  9. For us in Ohio the weather this weekend was in the 60's. Work up later on Sunday (2 hours later then normal) and started getting mugged with shadows and stabbings but not a full blow one. Have had not had a headche but my eye (cluster eye) is swollen about four times it's normal size and lots of shadow's. I am on the D3 regime and using Verspamil along with chasing down Enegy Drinks. i am taking at melatonin at night Any short term advice to get me through this ? My headbangers usually come between 9:30 and 10:00 at night and I am almost getting crushed in the morning , but hanging on by a thread. I am arguing with my doctor for O2, he does not seem to believe in it . Should i up the Versapmil ? I can't take the shrooms as i worry about getting drug tested. i drive a lot for work and just want to see if I am missing something to prevent these.
  10. Melatonin is a great help for me and making sure that I go to bed and wake up at the same time. Has been extremely helpful. My cycle starts at 9:30 pm and I am chugging an energy drink at 9:30 and I take my Melatonin at 10:30 when I go to sleep. Hope you get some relief, I am on a low dose of Verpamil and it really helped my cycle this year with the addition of the D3 regime
  11. You have not failed at all and this is not your fault. Please keep some Energy Drinks with Taurine, handy, and I have found these to be a huge help and they help prevent/ease headaches. The Vitamin D3 Routine is great and also keep a food diary as nitrates (bacon and cold cuts) were triggers for me . O2 is a huge help and please get some. I learned more on this site in 1 week then the other years that I suffered. Follow the plan and it will get better
  12. Good evening: I am an episodic clusterhead and have been for 10 years. I just started taking Verpamil - 2 120 milligram tablets everyday and my cycles have been much worse this year. Two weeks in August, one week off, and then a head banging September. This is my 2nd week on Verpamil. is 240 milligrams sufficient as a preventative ? It feels weird as I have not used my Immitrex and my head banging still continues at 9:30 pm right on the clock for about a half hour. It feels much less mild and I have had my Energy Drink Ready and a nice dark room to deal with this . Best Conditions Possible for me so it is livable but a pain in the ass with shadows and light stabbings throughout the day. I am calling my doctor tomorrow to get a referral to a Neurologist so I can get Oxygen and make this shit more tolerable. I feel kinda dizzy on Verpamil and not sure if I am not taking enough, would a third pill, end the headache bullshit ? 360 milligrams . The average doctor sucks with this disease and this year the headbangers have been much worse and I need a preventative and he was able to wrote a script for Verpamil which I am trying. If anyone can let me know if adding a third pill will help and how long to take Verpamil and taper off I would appreciate it. My plan on hitting the lottery and going shrooming in Amsterdam before a cycle is still a work in progress !!!
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