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    My CH Story

    Thanks CH. I believe from what I read on the other site, ng/ml is the US measurement...and many other countries use nmol measurment. The optimum nmol levels are around 200-220...the same as 65 -80 ng/ml....but Ill double check.
  2. Mp5

    My CH Story

    Update... 100% pain free for 5 days now. Got a script from my Dr. yesterday for O2. He also gave me my blood test results from 3 wks ago (I'd only been on the Vit D reg for a few days when I had this blood test done, and was not told that it was going to test for Vit D levels...but I guess it did...lol). My results showed 68 nmol of Vit D. Today...I got my other Vit D results from my actual $85 (Cnd funds) Vit D test. This test was administered May 9th...11 days ago...and I had been taking 20,000 IU of Vit D and all other co factors, for about one full wk (give or take a few days). My resul
  3. Mp5

    My CH Story

    I work days and nights, over a 35 day schedule. Plus OT. It's very difficult for me to get into a normal sleep routine.
  4. Mp5

    My CH Story

    Thanks for all the reply guys. Had a set back this morning after I came home from my first of 6 night shifts (I'm a shift worker). Took my Melatonin and hit the sheets an hr later. An hour after that was awakened with a headache.....sighhhh. Took a 5 hr drink and was back to bed 30 mins later. CHFather, to answer your question, yes...I do find the energy drinks keep me from a restful sleep after downing one. I will def try the hot water on the feet trick if/when I get another. Frustrating...? Yes. But I'll keep pushing on. I do know that my frequency...severity and length have all decrease
  5. Mp5

    My CH Story

    Hi all. Been on this site for 4 wks now. Here is my story...I'll try to keep it brief. 27 years with CH's. Episodic. 47 years old. Like most, originally thought it was a tumour, or results from many concussions. Many Dr. visits and Neurologist later, was told I have Cluster Headaches, and was given Triptans. Been using these awful things for 15 yrs now...never again!! A month ago, I was directed to this site by a friend, then started emailing John Fletcher with questions. He has been amazing....thanks John. I immediately started the D3 regiment. Two wks later I was finally able to
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