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    My CH Story

    Thanks CH. I believe from what I read on the other site, ng/ml is the US measurement...and many other countries use nmol measurment. The optimum nmol levels are around 200-220...the same as 65 -80 ng/ml....but Ill double check.
  2. Mp5

    My CH Story

    Update... 100% pain free for 5 days now. Got a script from my Dr. yesterday for O2. He also gave me my blood test results from 3 wks ago (I'd only been on the Vit D reg for a few days when I had this blood test done, and was not told that it was going to test for Vit D levels...but I guess it did...lol). My results showed 68 nmol of Vit D. Today...I got my other Vit D results from my actual $85 (Cnd funds) Vit D test. This test was administered May 9th...11 days ago...and I had been taking 20,000 IU of Vit D and all other co factors, for about one full wk (give or take a few days). My results from this test showed 114 nmol level. So...Im hoping that the Regiment is working!! Should I continue with the 20,000 per day, then have my next test taken in a month....or go on the 1 to 2 wk mega dose schedule..then get retested? I basically went from 68 nmols to 114 nmols in 3 wks, taking 20,000 IU per day (took 25,000 a few of those day)...and as I stated, have been completely PF for 5 days....including taking 20-30 mgs of Melatonin before bed...even during my crazy shift work schedule which is completely erratic at best. Dan
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    My CH Story

    I work days and nights, over a 35 day schedule. Plus OT. It's very difficult for me to get into a normal sleep routine.
  4. Mp5

    My CH Story

    Thanks pal.
  5. Mp5

    My CH Story

    Thanks for all the reply guys. Had a set back this morning after I came home from my first of 6 night shifts (I'm a shift worker). Took my Melatonin and hit the sheets an hr later. An hour after that was awakened with a headache.....sighhhh. Took a 5 hr drink and was back to bed 30 mins later. CHFather, to answer your question, yes...I do find the energy drinks keep me from a restful sleep after downing one. I will def try the hot water on the feet trick if/when I get another. Frustrating...? Yes. But I'll keep pushing on. I do know that my frequency...severity and length have all decreased by a large amount, so that's very positive for me. What should I be telling my Dr. about getting an O2 script? Are people generally staying on the D3 Reg even after they've busted? I'm assuming yes. Of course I really won't know what or where I'm at in terms of levels until I get my results back. Thanks again for all your ideas and responses. I choose to fight. Dan
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    My CH Story

    Hi all. Been on this site for 4 wks now. Here is my story...I'll try to keep it brief. 27 years with CH's. Episodic. 47 years old. Like most, originally thought it was a tumour, or results from many concussions. Many Dr. visits and Neurologist later, was told I have Cluster Headaches, and was given Triptans. Been using these awful things for 15 yrs now...never again!! A month ago, I was directed to this site by a friend, then started emailing John Fletcher with questions. He has been amazing....thanks John. I immediately started the D3 regiment. Two wks later I was finally able to get a Vit D test done (am still waiting on my results...hopefully next week). I am only taking 20,000 IU of VitD per day, along with the other recommended co factors. After a few days of this last cycle, I thought I noticed a difference in my frequency and severity...but it was short lived (a day with no headaches). I normally get 5-10 CH's per day, and 2-3 in my sleep. They range from a 6-10 in pain, and it's common for my wife to find me writhing on the floor of the bathroom, crying or rocking myself in pain on the couch. During this time (last 4 wks), I've also researched and read other thing people are doing for relief, all the while taking my Vit D3 reg. I've looked into Psilosybin, 5 hr energy drinks, cold showers...and all have worked for me. I have yet to get O2 from my ridiculous family Dr...but am seeing him in 2 weeks for a prescription. Also...I have started taking Melatonin at night about an hour before bed. So here are my results. Totally headache free the last 3 nights and 4 days...not even a shadow. Been doing the Vit D3 every day, and will continue to. Will change my D3 amounts after I get my test results back. Exactly 8 days ago today, I bought 6 bottles of 5 Hr Energy drinks and have taken 4 of them (one per attack) in the nights when I am awakened from an attack. The CH would last anywhere from 20 -35 mins...and be gone like a flick of a switch after shooting a bottle of this stuff. Way better than before where they would last up to an hr to two. I even experimented with ice cold showers before I tried the energy drink, and that seemed to work the 3 times I tried it. But it was just too much to jump into an ice cold shower and hyperventilate while I was suffering from theses damned headaches....but...they did work each time I tried them!! MM's....took 3 doses over a 3 wk period. Small amts...and have had no side effects. Hard to really tell if they are working for me or not, but cannot say they are hindering or making things worse. Will continue to use if needed. So, right now am pain free...for the least 4 days. Usually, in the past, when I go two days without a CH, that means the cycle is done. I hope the same is happening now. I cannot 100% say what has helped me get to where I am now, but would like to think the Vit D3 is helping, and maybe the MM's too. I hopefully will know more when I get my test results back. It would also be great if I am simply just Melatonin deficient, and taking two of these pills a night solve my problem. I should also note that since I started taking Melatonin 3 nights ago, I have stopped getting attacks...coincidence...? Maybe...maybe not. Time will tell. Just wanted to share my story, and what I've been doing. This site has been a wonderful find and I feel like part of the big CH family. I share in all your suffering and and hopefully in all your pain free futures. Dan
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