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  1. I hear you Treelove, way before social media I thought I was a a broken man with no future. These people here were a light in darkness, I will be forever grateful. ✌ï¸ï¸PF

  2. CHFather, yes I got that kit. Still use the mask sometimes. I just do better without it when I'm highly agitated, and that was something I really struggled with when I started 02. I think when us new CH start out and some treatment doesn't show immediate results, whe might want to call BS before we really take time to let it work. One thing I have learned is there are no "magic bullets" you need patience and a lot of tools in your toolbox.

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  3. I will say for whatever reason I was not confident in 02 therapy when I used it for the first time, as a result I gave up too quickly on it. After I became better educated on proper methods it started working better for me. But even now sometimes I can only use it without a mask or I feel a panic attack coming. I had a bad experience almost drowning when I was young so sometimes I have hard time relaxing enough to breathe through a mask.

  4. Has anyone heard of Sanomigran(brand name with active ingredient pizotifen)? Used as preventive for migraines and clusters. Asked my Neurologist and she did not know any info, but would check into it.

  5. One thing I'll add on the O2 is follow every thing they describe on the links here. It did not work for me until I did. Also don't be afraid to go to "welding" oxygen route. I have for some time now and the only difference I have found is it's cheaper for me and I don't fight with my insurance anymore. And share these posts with your wife and let her know we all care and are in her corner.

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  6. Ok thanks. Yep was going to talk to my Doctor. Trying to time out when to best take the Verapamil seeing I'm also on D3 regime. It had mentioned in article to try separate the the two by 8-12 hours for best results and to take D3 with a large meal. I'm a swing shift worker so scheduling things is tricky. Maybe when I wake with an attack maybe I can make a big meal, it would sure beat what I do now. 😠Thanks for advice I'll keep at it ðŸ‘

  7. Does anyone take their Verapamil dosing all at once or spread out? I have about 95% of my attacks during sleep, so was thinking about dosing heavier before bed. Do not seem to be getting same relief from it as my last cycle.

  8. Just wanted to say thank you to all the fellow CH's I meet in Menominee Falls,WI this last weekend. You were all very friendly and helpful. After 25 years of suffering and only 12 with a diagnosis, l felt grateful to be able share with people that have "walked in my shoes". I hope with people like you no one never needs to walk the path alone.

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