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  1. It's pain all over, but mostly in the right eye. I've had my eyes checked recently so that's not it. I've called my doc and requested that she call in the indomethacin, so fingers crossed. I can't thank you enough for pointing me in a possible right direction. J
  2. Thanks CHfather. Does it ever make sense to go to the ER? I know it would only be a temporary relief but I'm beginning to feel like if I don't get some relief soon I'm going to do something desperate. I do notice that after several days the pain moves down to my right shoulder, but that's probably stress. I will check out that link.
  3. Hi. I'm new to this and someone suggested starting my own thread. This attack started about three weeks ago. I know it's not a migraine because I used to have them, but I'm not sure it's a cluster ha. The pain is constant, especially in the right eye, but both eyes hurt. I have periods of intense pain that lasts 10-15 minutes, then it reduces to a dull pain. I have some breaks where it's almost pain free for maybe an hour, but then it starts all over again. From what I've read clusters are on, then off. My pain is constant. To the point I can't do anything. Even taking a shower or eating is almost unbearable. I don't have insurance so finding a specialist is a no go. I stay home to care for my mother with dementia. I finally went to the dr. {which I couldn't afford) and she gave me Fioricet and Maxalt neither of which helped. AGain prescriptions I can't afford. I don't know if I'm making myself worse by stressing over the money part. All i know at this point is I'm going crazy and no one around me can understand. My poor mother is so confused! This may not get me any help but it felt good to say it.
  4. Hi there. I hate to ask all you veterans but I don't know what else to do. I know I don't have a migraine, because I used to have them. But I don't know for sure if what I have is a cluster. My pain is ALL THE TIME. My right eye is on fire all the time but my left eye also aches. The pain is definitely worse at times but for the most part it's pain all the time. I went almost a year with out this kind of headache pain. I would get tension headaches but Excedrin was sufficient. This one is making me suicidal. So does it sound like a cluster. Thanks for any help ya'll can give.
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